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Slowdive -- Moscow, Russia -- August 1st, 2015
Wacken Open Air -- Wacken, Germany -- July 30th - August 1st, 2015
Windhand -- Toronto, Ontario -- July 31st, 2015
Deep Purple -- Ledyard, CT -- July 30th, 2015
Anthrax -- West Hollywood, CA -- July 29th, 2015

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Dream MDF 2011 Line Up


Triptykon (Switzerland)
Bolt Thrower (UK)
Nifelheim (Sweden)
Vulcano (Brazil)
Morpheus Descends (USA) *reunion*
Nunslaughter (USA)
Putrid Pile (USA)
Diabolic (USA)
Blasphemophagher (Italy)
Evil Incarnate (USA)
Nokturnel (USA)
Disma (USA)
Unmerciful (USA)


Blood Feast (USA)
Witchery (Sweden)
Vital Remains (USA)
Mortician (USA)
The Accüsed (USA)
Nirvana 2002 (Sweden)
Hacavitz (Mexico)
Von (USA)
Bloodsoaked (USA)
Spawn of Possession (Sweden)
Hour of Penance (Italy)
Cemetery Urn (Australia)
Aeon (Sweden)
Toxic Holocaust (USA)
Sadistik Exekution (Australia)
Torture Killer (Finland)
Thornafire (Chile)
Summon (USA)
Suicidal Angels (Greece)
Archgoat (Finland)


Candlemass (Sweden) *reunion w/ Messiah*
Destruction (Germany)
Blasphemy (Canada)
Impaled Nazarene (Finland)
Benediction (UK)
Malevolent Creation (USA)
The Crown (Sweden)
Severed Savior (USA)
Master (USA/Czech Republic)
Desaster (Germany)
Jungle Rot (USA)
Kult ov Azazel (USA)
Infinitum Obscure (Mexico)
Sathanas (USA)
Divine Empire (USA)
Averse Sefira (USA)
Anal Vomit (Peru)
Manticore (USA)
Ave Azarate! 218
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Bloodbath (Sweden)
Ophthalamia reunion (Sweden)
Sabbat (UK)
Kat & Roman Kostrzewski (Poland)
Haemorrhage (Spain)
Shining (Sweden)
Desaster (Germany)
The Morningside (Russia)

Sodom (Germany)
Holy Moses (Germany)
Nirvana 2002 (Sweden)
Sigh (Japan)
God Dethroned (Netherlands)
Master (USA)
Rotten Sound (Finland)
Wolves in the Throne Room (USA)

Triptykon (Switzerland)
Stone reunion (Finland)
Impaled Nazarene (Finland)
Gallhammer (Japan)
Destroyer 666 (Australia)
Sadus (USA)
Vesania (Poland)
Blood Duster (Australia)

I'm too tired at the moment to really care about fleshing out each day to make them a normal number of bands. But here's mine.
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