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The Black Dahlia Murder -- Lawrence, KS -- November 29th, 2015
Ed Kowalczyk -- Uncasville, CT -- November 29th, 2015
Pearl Jam -- Mexico City, Mexico -- November 28th, 2015
August Burns Red -- Worcester, MA -- November 28th, 2015
After The Burial -- Pontiac, MI -- November 24th, 2015

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Old 06-04-2010, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Wrathchild_84 View Post
The last album sucked and the last few times I've seen them live they almost put me to sleep.
I was close to giving up on them. 'Endgame' blows and the two times I saw them headline they were reall fucking dull. Then I saw them support Judas Priest and they were awesome, so they've earned another chance. They've not playing a headlining show here since, but when they do I'll go. If they suck again then that's it.

1/12 Judas Priest
3/12 Deep Purple
5/12 Dan Patlansky
11/12 Dead Daisies
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Old 06-04-2010, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by HUNGER OF THE UNDEAD View Post
Are you for real? That setlist blows! 25th anniversary of KIMB and we get ZILCH???
Yes, I am for real. I'm talking in terms of reality not fantasy like you are and IN REALITY you're not gonna get a better set from them right now. As for nothing off KIMB who the fuck cares anymore? They hardly play anything off it anyways, so why get all pissed about them not playing something off an album that rarely gets represented in the sets?

The arguement is old so just move on. I'm not trying to be an ass here but when you know something's not gonna happen why would you keep on hoping that it will? Also the 20th anniversary of RIP is way more important than the 25th of KIMB. RIP had way more impact on influence than KIMB ever will.
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Old 06-04-2010, 06:55 PM
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shiiiiit, when i saw them they blew my fucking mind.
11/24 - COC
11/29- TBDM
11/30 - GUK
12/01 - E
12/02 - B
12/04 - H
12/07 - TQ's
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Old 06-04-2010, 10:46 PM
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Yeah I fucking went ape shit in Atlanta when I saw them on this tour. Blew my mind as well, the whole band was on perfect form! And I would hate to hear anything of UA that isn't The Title Track, Gears, or Sleepwalker, other than that I pass on that whole album. It's so front loaded it's sad.

"But Burnt Ice is amazing! The Solos! ::High Five::" - I liked the solos for Burnt Ice when they were called "She-Wolf Solos" Guy Who Still High Fives...
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Old 06-06-2010, 05:01 PM
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I can't wait to see them.

And I thought Dave would never play The Conjuring or Black Friday ever again.....so if you're waiting for that you might as well move on.
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