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Kiss -- Sioux Falls, SD -- February 11th, 2016
The Winery Dogs -- Barcelona, Spain -- February 10th, 2016
At the Gates -- Orlando, FL -- February 10th, 2016
Disturbed -- Fargo, ND -- February 10th, 2016
At the Gates -- Fort Lauderdale, FL -- February 9th, 2016

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Old 04-30-2010, 07:49 PM
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Got to the show about 30 minutes early with BJ and Wes and got $15 tickets from one of the opening bands. $3 savings woot! Got lots of weird looks and shout outs from random people. First band was a local band I've never heard of. I think their name is Serafem or something like that. They did not fit into this bill at all. There are three female members; a violinist/vocalist, a guitarist/vocalist and a keyboardist/vocalist. The other three members are male. Everyone aside from the bassist (fat, greasy long haired, beared guy) and the drummer (old, pissed off looking guy) looked like rejectees from American Idol. It was obvious that the crowd wasn't into them, but we all made them feel welcome; clapping after every song. They really appreciated it.

Had no clue who the second band was, but they were better than the first opener. They had a few catchy riffs and the vocalist was pretty good. He had so many scars on his chest, arms, and back I thought he had been in a POW camp or some shit. I found out later exactly where the scars came from. He made the performance uncomfortable as shit. In the middle of the songs he would take his empty PBR cans, crush them, bite a jagged hole into them, and then cut the fuck out of his chest. It distracted from the music a lot and I just wanted them to hurry up and get the fuck off the stage.

Powerglove started setting up and Chris looked extremely pissed. It brought my mood down a bit because I figured he was just going to play his set and get the hell out of there. I was wrong. After they were done with sound check they all went back stage and came out in their battle gear. Chris looked a lot happier and Nick announced that it was time to play some fucking Tetris. The crowd loved it. After Tetris, Nick announced that the next song was dedicated to "the dudes who came as Scorpion, Sub Zero, and Raiden" and told us to "do battle." That got us super stoked. We left our spots at front stage right and went into the middle of the crowd. Everyone circled around us and we headbanged to the first, slower part of Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man. When the music picked up we moshed harder than we ever have...and it was just us 3. A special little mosh pit just for us. Later in the song a ton of people joined in, though. GOT MY FUCKING GET UP RIPPED but it was the funnest pit I've ever been in. We stole our spots back up front and headbanged along with Storm Eagle and X-Men. I love Mario Minor, so I took a break to record that song. Nick told everyone that "the last song is the only one with lyrics and everyone should know them, so scream GO GO POWER RANGERS when I do." The crowd went insane for the entire song and everyone wanted more. Nick held up an actual powerglove, which I thought was awesome, as I've never seen one before. They started getting their equipment off stage so we went around to the back of the venue and waited for them to get done loading everything up. Chris told us that his equipment was fucking up all night and it was pissing him off, but seeing Wes, Ronnie, and I really cheered him up. That made us feel awesome. BJ talked with him about guitar tones and what not and we all gone a plethora of video game shit signed by the band. Jeff got more than five NES games, his NES system, Final Fantasy 7, and a NES controller signed. Phil got Pokemon Blue, BJ and I got Guitar Hero guitars, Wes got a N64, and I forget what Ronnie got autographed. Wes, Ronnie, and I then got a few pictures taken with the band. They told us that they hope to be touring again in October and that they'll be adding Omnishred back into their set! YES.

Missed Mutiny Within...was busy with Powerglove. The guitars sounded pretty good from outside though.

Sonata Arctica isn't really my thing, but their guitarists are amazing and the band puts on a great show. We stayed for a couple of songs, just to hear the sweet solos. The vocalist also yodeled, and everyone in the audience did a goofy ass dance. It looked and sounded pretty funny.

Went to IHOP and got more weird looks. Our waitress was totally cool about it and we made her laugh a lot. We gave her a huge tip.

This show was hands down one of the funnest shows I've ever been to...and I only went for a support act! I'll definitely catch Powerglove next time they're near.
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