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Old 04-02-2005, 05:57 AM
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Bumping up this old thread again, but I have been planning to write a longer review of the gig for a rather long time, but I never did it, so now it is time to dig my memories again, concerning this great gig...

It was Thursday night, so it was a bit harder to get early to the gig, since I wanted to be early there, but the gig was in another city and I had school too, so I ran to the railwaystation as soon as school was finished. A nice little trip with train, lasted about 2 hours. Of course I was getting more and more excited about the gig, Judas Priest is one of my favorite metal bands and I had been waiting this gig something like 4 months...

So, when I finally arrived to the station of Helsinki, it was something like 4 p.m. , so it meant that I had to wait 2 and Ż hours in the cold (I wanted to get to the front row). When I arrived to the arena, there was a handful of people waiting too. So I went to the shortest queue and I waited, listening to the talking of the people that were in the same queue, since I had no company with me.

After the painful waiting in the cold I was totally numb by the coldness, I should have worn some warmer clothes. So the security guys came outside when it was the time to open the doors. One of them came in front of our queue and said "We're not opening this one, you have to use that other entrance" What a fuckin' great surprise!So we went to the queue in the middle and people swared etc. I was also very furious. But within some seconds, the same guy screamed: "Okay, we will open this entrance", so I this time I ran in front of that queue!Fuckin' A! Maybe I'll get to the front row after all...

So, we got inside and I we ran into another queue, where we had to wait again for 30 or 15 minutes, not sure how long, but anyway...when we finally got into our section, we ran insane, because almost everyone wanted to get the best place available. And I got to the front row!Amazing!My place was in front of Glenn, just the place I wanted to have

So there we were, waiting for the supporting band, In Flames. They weren't really my cup of tea, but they were still rather good. The band didn't think too much of themselves and they warmed up the audience saying: "You're in for a good treat, you'll get some In Flames stuff and then 2 hours of the mighty Priest!" Great attitude, this is just what I appreciate from a band!Of course there were some people who didn't like them and showed them middle fingers etc. In Flames noticed that and the singer actually dedicated a song to them, amusing!

So, the waiting just got harder and harder. I am not gonna bore you more talking about it, but I almost fell over when the lights went out and The Hellion filled the arena!It was a magical moment for sure. I couldn't believe it's true, but it fucking was! The first chords of Electric Eye echoed in the air and the band came in. Like last year, Rob appeared in the "Electric Eye". Naturally, this song kicked ass and made the crowd nuts, including me. Great way to start a concert, indeed...

Then, the last chords of Electric Eye led into Metal Gods, another classic one. I don't remember so many details about this song, except that it rocked fucking hard and Rob did his ROBotic walk in the end of the song, just like in the bonus DVD. And this was the first time, when Glenn came closer to the audience, seeing him playing a riff just a metre from me was again great!

Metal Gods was over and it was time for the first speech of the gig, "It's Thursday night in Helsinki, Finland, and the Priest is back!Are you ready for some Priest style Heavy Metal?!" Of course we were! It was time for "Riding Of The Wind", one of my favorites in the gig. It's been a long time since they played it last time and it was totally as punishing as ever. The thing I was aware to know was how Rob would nail this one, he nailed it perfectly! Maybe he used some echoing vocals, I don't care, but it was very good. Totally breakneck version, probably the best version ever...

The Ripper was the next tune, again a classic one, but could have been a bit more faster, I think, like in Unleashed In The East. Anyway, a great tune again and Rob nailed the high pitched scream and it was a great one too. Pure class this one...

A classic after a classic, that seems to be the formula of the Priest setlist. A Touch Of Evil came next and what can I say about it, except that it ruled. Though I actually wasn't completely focused during it, since I noticed that one of my ear plugs had fallen out of my ear. It wasn't maybe a complete highlight, but it still ruled, it reminded me alot the bonus DVD version. And Glenn's solo just ruled, one the best solos we heard that night, I can tell ya.

So it was time to play some songs out of the new record and the intro-solo of Judas Rising came out of the taper, the backscreen was the angel and the band appeared to the stage. This time Rob was in a flaming throne, it was maybe over-the-top, but it looked awesome! Another highlight of the gig, since this version made me to love Judas Rising, it was heavier and faster on the gig, which helped a lot getting into it. And this time it was time for KK to blister with his solo, the solo in Judas Rising is definitely one of his bests and live it was even better. Scott was also very furious on this one...

Rob had a little speech now and he introduced us to the Revolution. The bass intro was the only spotlighted moment for Ian, and then the song blasted in. Like Judas Rising, this one is better live, actually far better. The audience was really into it and everything that really didn't work in the studio version worked this time. Impressive work, indeed. Rob also waved some white flags and put them on the left and right side of the stage. It was a bit like The Trooper, I gotta say

After a little crowd chant (I can't remember how it was, but I remember it was something like "Are you ready for some Hot Rockin'?") it was time for another surprise, namely Hot Rockin'. It's been ages when they played it last time and it was great to hear, naturally. Very energetic song and the band had fun playing it.

"Breaking The WHAT!?" Of course anyone knew what we are gonna break on the next one (The Law, you infidel). This was a complete crowd pleaser, but it wasn't just that. It was like an adrenaline-injection. This song just works live, everyone knows the words and it's full of energy. I was very pleased after this one. You don't what it's like, unless you've proven it live!

It was time for another song about rocking, namely I'm A Rocker. Again after a funny speech ("Are there any Rockers in Helsinki?!") the song kicked in, and it made a very deep impact on me. I never really cared for that record nor that song, but now I just totally loved this one. The melodies and the "made-to-play-live" chorus was just breathtaking. Very, very effective. I also liked the brilliant harmony that Glenn played. A definite highlight for me.

The acoustics were brought in and I knew it was time for Diamonds And Rust, like it was. I've actually grown more on this version these days, it's unbelieveably beutiful this way. And singing along was very emotional during this one. And then the drums kick in and the the greatest part begins: "Diaaaamooooooonds, diaaaamoooooonds and ruuuuuuuust!". I could have almost cried, believe you me.

The backdrop was now changed to the newer edition of the Priest cross (in the back of AOR) and Rob did a funny speech again. "Judas Priest was formed in 1971...that was even before you were born!" He pointed the guy next to me! Damn I wish it would have been me, but whatever, you can't get everythin, I suppose.

Time to go to another return to the Angel Of Retribution album. It was one of my favorites from the album already, Deal With The Devil. And boy did it crush live! The AOR stuff prooves to be better live and this is again no expection. Crushingly fast and heavy at the same time, this was another highlight (well, the almost gig was one fuckin' huge highlight to me).

Ah, my favorite Priest song next, Beyond The Realms Of Death. Breathtaking as ever, this was also turned into a brutal version, definitely one of the heaviest songs of this gig in the middle parts. Rob had a bit different way to sing this one from the studio version. It was pretty adventurous, which is always good live, but I prefer the singing style of the studio version, while this one was also bloody amazing. The guitar solos where both absolutely king on this one, Glenn nailed the emotional solo perfectly and KK loaded his solo full of aggression. And Rob did all the high notes great again. This performance was definitely 11/10

So, it was time to return to the 1986 album Turbo and the title track Turbo Lover. Again, this song is just made to be played live, the Finnish audience went nuts again. The song itself is also a very good one, so it was a great song to hear (though it did replace Hellrider). I really liked the solos in the middle and of course the chorus sung by Rob and the whole audience!

"Are you excited!? Are you excited!?" Way to go, Rob! It was time for Exciter, naturally, another surprise in the setlist. I think I'm repeating myself all over again, but I can't help it, since every song ruled, but this one ruled especially much. Rob didn't even wail so much on this one, but it still ruled. I was waiting for this one and it should really deserve it's place in the set list still, since it kicks some serious ass! Oh, and the guitar harmony parts and solos absolutely ruled, making this one probably the most rememorable moment of this gig...

...well, at least before the song after Exciter, the all time classic Victim Of Changes. This is just a must song to play live, they really can't drop this one ever!Rob nailed every high pitched scream again, and both KK and Glenn were on fire, both doing an extended solo in this song. First Glenn did the infamous one note solo in the middle and KK just extended his own solo with great results. My favourite parts were the intro, the riff after the intro and the silent part ("She was beutiful, she was fine"), which was just pure magic! I think it's now clear to everyone, that I loved this one!

Again a classic song to be played, "The Green Manalishi". This was great tune again, though I don't remember so well this one. The part I remember well was the ending chant and that I also headbanged with the fucking heavy riffs (really, the guitars were loud in the front row, which really gave the songs a new dimension), as did almost every body on the front row...

It was time for the last song of the "real" gig, The Painkiller. Again a silly yet funny speech (" The Pain....?") and it was time for Scott to get into the spotlight. I don't think I've praised Scott enough, but he was one of the "heroes" of that night to me, he just beat the heck out of his drums all the fuckin time. But anyway, of course everyone knows the drum intro, it was a bit different from the studio version, but it was still mindblowing...and the squeling guitars came and the painkilling began! Again a totally flawless version and a headbangers' paradise to us all! Rob was really fine and spat out the lyrics like a banshee. This is another song that needs to be played again and again live, since it totally killed almost everybody!

After screaming JP in for a few minutes, the Harley Davidson's motor roared and the band kicked in with the first chords of Hell Bent For Leather, another classic. I just wish they could have extended this one a bit more ala Memphis '82, but it was just a little personal note, so it really didn't matter. This song was bridged to Living After Midnight, another defined crowd pleaser and the audience sang with the chorus and it was again a great song. Now the band left the stage, but the crowd was still hungry...

...and we really deserved to get some more. After a while Rob came in and started the legendary "oooooh yeeeeeaaaaah" screams. It was a great fun to sing along with them. And then it was time for the final song, "You've Got Another Thing Coming". Since it is another one of bands most known hits, the audience was nuts again and sang almost word to word the whole shit. This was also the song, where they let the audience sing along the most in a "silent" middle part, we had to sing "four big ones" to Rob and after that the about 7 minutes long extended version was over. But the highlisght was to come...GLENN TIPTON H╠MSELF GAVE ME HIS PLECTRUM, FUCKIN SWEET!I was really in ecstasy, when I got it and felt it in the grip of my fingers...thanks alot, Glenn, if you're reading this one!

Next day I had a headache, but it was worth of it! The best gig where I've been into, hands down! But Priest has though competition this year, when I'm gonna see about 6 more gigs!

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