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Old 11-29-2009, 10:19 AM
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The Faceless -- New York, NY -- November 28th, 2009

-Some local band
-Enfold Darkness
-Beneath the Massacre
-Dying Fetus
-The Faceless

Review/Rant (paragraphs 3 & 4)

Ok, so, me and my friends arrive at the venue at 3pm, line up then (we love being the first in line, we do it at pretty much every show we go to). And because of it we get to meet Michael, and Steve from the Faceless, and all of Enfold Darkness. I've seen The Faceless twice before this, and both of those times I've got to meet Michael, and I've also gotten a pick each time before today too. So, this being the 3rd time I've met him, I noticed that he seemed a lot more chill than the previous 2 times. Maybe it was because they were finally headlining and he gets to play more than 30 minutes, I'm not exactly sure though. It was cool nonetheless. Also, I should note that I talked to him about when they were releasing a new album, and he said that after they go to Europe with The Black Dahlia Murder, they'll be writing, and a new release should be out by summer 2010!

We get let into the venue a little bit after 6, I run to the gate of course, and wind up getting dead center! After waiting for a bit, the first band, a local, comes on. They were pretty awesome, other than the fact that their mix wasn't the greatest. They were also pretty nice guys on and off stage too. After they were done, Enfold Darkness comes on. Now, this was my kind of music, I'm a big fan of Blackened stuff, and they deffinitley had a black metal influence. Also, let me say, their vocalists moustache, was incredible. Probably the most awesome moustache I've ever seen to be honest.

So, after their set was over, Suffokate came on. I hate deathcore, and I especially hate hardcore dancing. After their set, I loathed it. All of the deathcore fans, sit around in the pit, or dojo, or whatever they themselves call it, looking bored until a breakdown comes on. Then they go nuts and start kung foo fighting everything in sight. They're all obnoxious, and for the most part were all trying to start fights. Two of my friends almost got kicked out and missed out on seeing Dying Fetus & The Faceless because of those dickheads. One girl, jumped on my friends back and grabbed his face 2 or 3 times. Finally after the 4th time or so, he pushed her off, and a few of her kung foo fighting pals with tight pants, enormous gauges, and v necks came over and tryed to start a fight with him because of it. My other friend started mocking them, and got slapped in the head. If the security guard hadn't been watching the whole thing, he probably would've thrown them both out. Luckily, he knew what was going on and straightened things out for the most part.

After all of that was over, Beneath the Massacre came on. And the faggotry resumed. It's a real shame too, they were all very talented musicians, and half of the music was really great. But, the few breakdowns they added to every song really ruined it for me. Also, of course the dickhead who was trying to start with my friend resumed to do so about halfway through their set. But, once again, the security gaurd came in and saved the day.

At this point in the show, me and everyone around me was really pissed about what was going on, and just wanted to watch the show without having to worry about these deathcore faggots trying to start fights. I was honestly so pissed off about what was going on, at that point I would've easily called it the worst show I've ever been too.

After all of that Dying Fetus hit the stage. Now, I hadn't heard much of their stuff before this other than a few songs here or there. I'm so angry at myself that I didn't listen to more before this. They were incredible. And, all of the kung foo fighting came to a complete stop . I don't hate their setlist, but I'm assuming it's the same they've been playing the entire tour. They've deffinitley got themselves a new fan. The drummer was also really cool, and talked to us a bit while he was taking down his drum set.

So, after much anticipation, The Faceless hit the stage. This was easily the best time I've seen them. Also, the setlist was perfect, other than the fact that they should've played a bit longer (maybe add Horizons of Chaos parts 1&2)? Regardless, they were incredible. After the show, Michael, Derrick, and Steve came around the gate. I talked to them for a minute or two, and got another pick from Michael! That's 3 picks in 3 times I've seen them! After all of that, we went down to the merch booth, where they all were again, and I got my ticket signed by Michael & Derrick.

Anyway, here's The Faceless setlist, it's been the same throughout the entire tour:

-Prison Born
-The Ancient Covenant
-Shape Shifters
-Coldly Claculated Design
-Sons of Belial
-Legions of the Serpent
-Planetary Duality Part l
-Planetary Duality Part ll
-An Autopsy

Overall, it was an awesome show, but it did have it's extremley low points. Check out Enfold Darkness if you never have, and if you ever get the chance to see Dying Fetus or The Faceless, go. Two extremley tight bands live, and awesome dudes off stage too.
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Old 11-29-2009, 02:08 PM
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: ( i wish i could have gone to this
9/5-Altar of Plagues
9/25-St. Vitus
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the faceless

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