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Old 11-18-2009, 12:07 PM
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My Personal Top 10 albums of the 90's

10. Soundgarden- Superunknown
9. Testament- Demonic
8. Weezer- The Blue Album
7. Death- The Sound Of Perseverance
6. Strapping Young Lad- City
5. Devin Townsend- Ocean Machine
4. Acid Bath- When The Kite String Breaks
3. Iced Earth- Burnt Offerings
2. Dream Theater- Images and Words
1. Alice In Chains- Dirt
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Old 11-18-2009, 01:32 PM
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Top 17 albums
No order:
1. Machine Head- Burn My Eyes
2. Pantera- Cowboys From Hell
3. Metallica- The Black Album
4. Fear Factory- Demanufacture
5. Iced Earth- Night of the Stormrider
6. Pantera- Vulgar Display of Power
7. Anthrax- Persistance of Time
8. Slipknot- Slipknot
9. Slayer- Seasons in the Abyss
10. Alice In Chains- Dirt
11. White Zombie- Astro Creep 2000
12. Iced Earth- Something Wicked this Way Comes
13. Dream Theater- Images and Words
14. Rob Zombie- Hellbilly Deluxe
15. Megadeth- Rust in Peace
16. Sepultura- Chaos A.D.
17. Testament- Low
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Old 11-18-2009, 02:27 PM
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Metal/No order:

Judas Priest- Painkiller
Death- Symbolic
Pantera- Vulgar Display of Power
At The Gates- Slaughter of The Soul
Megadeth- Rust In Peace
Overkill- Horrorscope
Kreator- Coma Of Souls
Gamma Ray- Powerplant
Motorhead- 1916
Carcass- Heartwork

for non metal, big ups to The Low End Theory (A Tribe Called Quest) and Enter The Wu-Tang- 36 Chambers (duh, 2-Live Crew?)
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Old 11-18-2009, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
Man, I wouldn't even know where to start with this. I'm like 99% certain that it would be all non-metal.
Mine would have Badmotorfinger on it. Does that count as metal?
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Old 11-19-2009, 06:04 AM
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top 10 albums of the 90's

1)korn follow the leader
2)metallica black album
3)pantera cowboys from hell
4)megadeth rust in peace
5)korn korn
6)metallica load
7)godsmack godsmack
8)alice in chains dirt
9)pantera vulger display of power
10)slayer seasons in the abyss
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Old 11-19-2009, 08:49 AM
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This started off easy and got really hard. Most people would say the 90's were a huge down period for music but some of the best albums of all time came out during that period. They're not all metal obviously and I only listed 1 cd per band which was tough. Antichrist Superstar is an incredible album but there are songs on Portrait that are some of my favorites. Just missing are 2 classics from 1989 Morbid Angel - Altars of Sacrifice & Overkill - The Years of Decay. Both would have been top 5-6 for me.

1. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
2. Fear Factory - Demanufacture
3. Slipknot - Slipknot
4. Alice In Chains - Dirt
5. Tool - Aenima
6. Ministry - Psalm 69
7. Faith No More - King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
8. Marilyn Manson - Portrait of an American Family
9. Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
10. Machine Head - Burn My Eyes
11. Sepultura - Chaos A.D.
12. Soundgarden - Superunknown
13. NIN - The Downward Spiral
14. Nirvana - Nevermind
15. Megadeth - Rust in Peace
16. Prong - Beg to Differ
17. Death - Symbolic
18. Korn - Life is Peachy
19. Pearl Jam - Ten
20. White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000
6/2 - Hatebreed & Devildriver
6/11 - Thrill Kill Kult
8/3 - Deftones
8/14 - Bush & Chevelle
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