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Napalm Death -- Lawrence, KS -- February 26th, 2015
1349 -- West Springfield, VA -- February 24th, 2015
Sleater-Kinney -- New York, NY -- February 26th, 2015
Judas Priest -- Brisbane, Australia -- February 26th, 2015
Cannibal Corpse -- Toronto, Ontario -- February 24th, 2015

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Old 05-28-2009, 12:19 AM
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Nine Inch Nails -- Kansas City, MO -- May 27th, 2009

All I can say right now is wow. I have never been to a show @ The Starlight Theatre and it was beautiful. Built up on either side of the stage and it almost looks like a castle. Probably the most efficient running of a show I've ever seen in my life. If I had to take a guess on which show on the tour would have rain I would put all my $$$ on the KC date. So you know its a big show when there are bootleg shirts being sold outside the theater. Can't justify buying a tour shirt for $35 when I can get a cool one for $20.

Street Sweeper Social Club
Opener was Tom Morello's new band Street Sweeper Social Club and wow they were amazing. I was never lucky enough to see RATM back in the day so this is probably as close as I will get. They may seem maybe a little too much on the rap side for some but still very fun music. And Tom Morello still went and pulled off some amaizing solos that sounded a bit more like he would have done w/ RATM. Glad to see him away from his folk/accoustic Nightwatchmen and just play straight up music again. Can't wait for their new cd next month!!!!

Nine Inch Nails
Really looking forward to see the set that they were going to play as Trent has been switching up the set every night which is very cool of him. Hoping I would have got to hear "I'm Afraid Of Americans" cover from Bowie as Trent had done for a few shows already w/ that song. Their LITS tour last year was easily the best light show I've ever seen in my life so it was nice to see them w/ a lot more stripped down stage show. Still absolutely jacked to get to hear "The Becoming" and it was absolutely amazing. Glad to not actually hear "Closer" this time around. Wanted to laugh @ girls behine me in line..."... Oh I hope they play the Closer to God song." Haha wanted to laugh at them but didn't. Hard to believe this might be last NIN tour ever although I think Trent might just take a few years off. Really no way to complain about this setlist at all. Still is funny to me that their replacement for Josh Freese was the guy who played drums for Lostprophets. So many songs I wanted to hear but I am definitley grateful for what I got.

Jane's Addiction
Not really sure what to call this. I'm sure they used to be very entertaining back in early 90's in their heyday. Lasted probably 4-5 songs and then left. So Perry Farrell came out dressed in some gold suit top to bottom that looked like a cross between Liberace & Freddie Mercury. Not even sure of what they opened up w/ but it was weird b/c they opened up w/ an opener that I wouldn't exactly say got the crowd fired up. Plus who really has a drum solo on the first song of the night? Although Stephen Perkins is a pretty damn good drummer. From what I heard Perry fell during the show b/c of the rain that is always in KC for concerts!!!! Hopefully he is doing better.

Now I'm Nothing
Terrible Lie
March Of The Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)
The Becoming
Gave Up
The Fragile
The Way Out Is Through
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

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Old 05-28-2009, 12:39 PM
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From the KC Star's music blog:

While dismounting the stage late in the show, he slipped and fell on his ass. He recovered during that song ("Summertime Rolls," I think). But before the encore, he pretended he was a P.A. announcer and told the crowd he'd been paralyzed during the fall and the show was over. He re-emerged, confessing: "I'm not gonna lie. That hurt like shit."
2/19 - 1349
2/26 - Nappy Dappy
3/8 - Title Fight
3/17 - New Found Glory
4/7 - Weedeater
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Old 05-28-2009, 12:49 PM
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I see this show in pittsburgh on the 10th i can't wait. I hope they play the wretched and the becoming I also hope they play heresy.
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Old 05-28-2009, 08:13 PM
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Originally Posted by mzinn85 View Post
I see this show in pittsburgh on the 10th i can't wait. I hope they play the wretched and the becoming I also hope they play heresy.
After doing a little bit of homework for the previous shows I figured I would either get The Becoming or Heresy. I figure you really can't go wrong either way. Kind of nice to see NIN w/o all of the huge led screens behind them. Its a good way to see them on their way out, if they really are.
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nine inch nails, street sweeper social club

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