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Phil Lewis -- London, England -- January 22nd, 2015
Rush -- Brussels, Belgium -- May 12th, 1983
Marilyn Manson -- Silver Spring, MD -- January 21st, 2015
Yngwie J. Malmsteen -- London, England -- June 14th, 2008
Linkin Park -- Nashville, TN -- January 17th, 2015

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Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Witchcraft View Post
Just don't let RJD write the lyrics.
Or Candice Night.

Better yet... no new songs.

"Man on the Silver Mountain" and "Stargazer" plz
12/7 - Jon Oliva
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I'm about halfway through the album. It's not bad...it's just uninspired and tepid. I will not mind seeing these songs live, as none of them are bad at all. They're just nothing I need to listen to twice.
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Got the disc today finally!
Liked the album so far. 'Atom and Evil, 'Fear' , 'Bible Black', 'The Turn Of The Screw' and 'Neverwhere' are great. I'm sure I'll like the other songs too after a few listens.
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