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Helloween -- Mokena, IL -- September 27th, 2008

Tour: The Hellish Rock Tour 2008
Headliner: Helloween
Support: Gamma Ray
Venue: The Pearl Room, Mokena, IL
Date: September 27th, 2008


Gamma Ray Set List:

Intro: Welcome
01. Into The Storm
02. Heaven Can Wait
03. New World Order
04. Fight
05. Empress
06. Valley Of The Kings
07. Rebellion In Dreamland
08. Heavy Metal Universe
09. Walls Of Jericho/Ride The Sky
10. Somewhere Out In Space

11. Send Me A Sign

Set Time: 8.00-9.15

Gamma Ray Lineup:
Guitar/Vocals: Kai Hansen
Guitar: Henjo Richter
Bass: Dirk Schlachter
Drums: Daniel Zimmermann

Helloween Set List:

Intro: Crack The Riddle
01. Halloween
02. Sole Survivor
03. March Of Time
04. As Long As I Fall
05. A Tale That Wasn't Right
06. Drum Solo (Dani Loeble)
07. Mr. Torture
08. Eagle Fly Free
09. Paint A New World
10. Dr. Stein

12. Medley:
- I Can
- Where The Rain Grows
- Perfect Gentleman
- (introductions/sing along)
- Power
- Keeper Of The Seven Keys

13. Future World (w/Gamma Ray)
14. I Want Out (w/Gamma Ray)

Set Time: 10.34-12.15

Helloween Lineup:
Vocals: Andi Deris
Guitars: Michael Weikath
Guitars: Sascha Gerstner
Bass: Markus Grosskopf
Drums: Dani Loeble

This show was awesome! Seriously. I had more fun at this show than I ever would have expected. I can't believe I almost skipped it. Even though all of the VIP ticket holders + others got in before me I still got a spot in the front row. I ended up with 3 picks (including Kai Hansen handing me one after Gamma Ray’s encore). The people on either side of me ended up with set lists. I would see this show again if I could and I have to say that I am now a bigger fan of both bands than I was before. So yeah, I guess you could say that I enjoyed the show.

Gamma Ray was excellent. I had never seen either band before, but I thought Kai Hansen sounded great live. Their set was well-paced and energetic. At one point Kai asked the crowd if they liked ballads, to which he replied “well, we don’t!” And then they played Ride The Sky, ha ha. It is hard for me to pick a highlight from their set, but Somewhere Out In Space was awesome. I also thought Into The Storm was a really good opening song.

Helloween’s set opened with Halloween, which caught a lot of people by surprise. I thought it was cool. I am sure a lot of people expected them to open with Kill It or Sole Survivor. The drum solo was also cool (I thought about calling Brad so he could enjoy it, ha ha). I thought A Tale That Wasn't Right kind of dragged a little bit, but the die-hards in the crowd seemed to love it. Overall, I thought it was a very good set. I also thought that the two new songs sounded great. The highlights for me were As Long As I Fall, Paint A New World, and Mr. Torture.

The final encore featured Kai Hansen, Henjo Richter, and Dirk Schlachter of Gamma Ray joining Helloween on stage. It was most definitely the highlight of the night. It was awesome to see 4 guitarists, 2 bassists and a singer on such a small stage. They seemed to be having a blast and the audience loved it. I am sure that most people thought they would never see Kai on stage with Helloween again. I almost caught one of the inflatable pumpkins at the end but it bounced right off of my arm.

I thought the sound for both bands was really good. I could hear all of the parts and the mix seemed to be pretty good. It was nice and loud but not “too loud.” Some small venues don’t take into account the fact that it can actually be too loud to sound good. Both bands seemed to be having fun on stage and the crowd interaction was cool. Helloween spent a little too long on introductions and sing-alongs. I wish they would have shortened that up a bit and played the song that they skipped instead.

That brings me to my only real complaint about this show. There was about an hour and twenty minutes wait between bands. The venue eventually announced that there were technical difficulties, but I have since heard that there was some kind of argument between the band members of Helloween and the venue staff. It didn’t really matter except that they dropped “If I Could Fly” from the set and I was looking forward to hearing that song. Otherwise, it was an outstanding show and I would see either band again.
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dude you went to that too sweet Where did you sit?
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Honestly, the only reason I can picture you not Gamma Ray is sometimes Kai's vocals get a little grating. But I highly reccomend checking them out!

Good luck finding their CD's though. Even online.
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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
The drum solo was also cool (I thought about calling Brad so he could enjoy it, ha ha).
You know me so well!
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That show acctualy was one of the worst for me. First off during that hour and whatever delay, they cut off Stratovarius halfway into pheonix, with ac/dc. then for whatever reason, I can't take Andi Deris's live voice.

I'm not sure if its just me or he just does not have an amazing range, and everytime he hits a high note he hits the same one. EVERYTIME. Just got anoying, between that and beer, I acctualy walked out before future world and I want out. Just hearing The keeper of seven keys medly totally butcherd, I just could not take it.
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Very well, very well, but you owe us (or me rather) a JOP/CIIC set list! I see the show has passed and I'm curious as always to see if they've made any changes.
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Awesome fucking pictures.
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gamma ray, helloween

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