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It Lies Within -- Warren, MI -- December 4th, 2016
Convictions -- Toledo, OH -- December 3rd, 2016
Blind Guardian -- Worcester, MA -- September 16th, 2016
It Lies Within -- Toledo, OH -- December 2nd, 2016
Dark Tranquillity -- Mesa, AZ -- December 3rd, 2016

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Old 01-26-2006, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
No way...


On second thought,
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Old 01-26-2006, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
No way...


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Old 01-27-2006, 11:09 AM
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What would really be nice is if they started playing Am I Evil in it's entirety. When the hell was the last time that happened?
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Old 01-28-2006, 12:28 AM
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice setlist for such an unmetal crowd. Must have been a killer show.
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Old 04-09-2008, 05:04 PM
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I was at this show, here's the review I wrote for another site:

As a member of the Metallica Fan Club, I had the opportunity to enter a contest for free tickets to this show. Unfortunately I didn't win the contest, but one of my friends won and she was kind enough to invite me as her guest. So I booked a last minute flight from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City, and booked a hotel room for us to share. She rented a car, so we were good to go. We both arrived on Tuesday night.

Wednesday in Park City
We spent all of Wednesday afternoon in Park City, finding various ways to pass the time. We ate lunch at a microbrewery, browsed the art galleries, bought an hour at an Internet cafe, and picked up free stuff from the companies sponsoring the Sundance Film Festival (Aquafina, Volkswagen, Adobe, HP).

The Soundcheck
Around 6:00pm, we were about ready for a nap. Instead of going back to the car to relax, we decided to check out a place called the Airborne Lounge. It was actually right next door to the concert venue Harry O's (in the same building, on the lower level).

So we went into the Airborne Lounge at around 6:00pm, and there is a set of double doors that connects the Airborne Lounge to the basement of Harry O's. These doors were WIDE open and there was no one standing there. So we went into the basement of Harry O's and walked up the steps to the main level. We paused here, as there was a security guard standing by the door. But he got up and walked away, so we walked into the club. They band was already on stage and they started playing the soundcheck almost immediately after we walked in. We sat down on a bench off to the side to watch. The setlist for the soundcheck was as follows:

* Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
* For Whom the Bell Tolls
* Fuel
* Master of Puppets [2nd half only]
* Creeping Death

They also jammed on the following riffs in between songs:

* Sabbra Cadabra (Black Sabbath)
* Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (AC/DC)

There was also a short jam (15 seconds) that I didn't recognize. It was much tighter than the other jams; all 4 members started in unison and it seemed like a song that was planned. Could it have been part of a new song? Or was it just a cover song that I didn't recognize? I thought it had a real Deep Purple feel to it.

After the soundcheck was over, Kirk came out to talk to some people in the crowd. My friend approached him to ask for a picture, and he agreed. So I took her picture with Kirk.

There were two other guys that found their way into the soundcheck as well. You can see them in the pictures on MetOnTour.

Fan Club Meet-Up
By now, it was around 6:45 so we left Harry O's and went down the street to a bar called J.B. Mulligans, where we had planned to meet a bunch of Fan Club members at 7:00. Over the next two hours, approximately 18 people showed up. We got food and drinks, and the Jagermeister tour bus showed up to hand out free swag.

Harry O's Pre-Show
By around 9:15, all of us had left the bar and made our way up to Harry O's to stand in line. Some of us had to wait longer than others, but we ended up getting in around 9:45. We promptly secured ourselves 2nd row positions at center stage. For the next 2 hours, a DJ spun various types of music over the PA. It was a decent mix of music, including AC/DC, Slayer, Led Zeppelin, and much more of course.

The Show
Just after 11:45pm, Ecstasy of Gold finally started playing over the PA. Metallica appeared on stage and launched right into Creeping Death. The crowd (near the stage anyway) went nuts! This was definitely one of the top 3 tightest crowds I have been in, and we were fucking close to the stage too. After Wherever I May Roam, they paused to address the crowd. James had a GIANT smile on his face, you could tell he was having a lot of fun at this gig. He welcomed everyone to the Darwins Awards after-party, and asked how so many Metallica fans snuck in. He also dedicated the show to Chris Penn. Without any further hesitation, they launched right into Fuel. The boys were really on fire and James' voice sounded fantastic. They seemed to really be thriving from the close crowd interaction as well. The rest of the show went by way too quickly, and before I knew it they had finished playing Seek and Destroy. By the end of the show, I had gotten high-fives from James, Kirk, and two from Rob (not bad for 2nd row!). It was really amazing how close we were to the action. I can't thank the Metallica Club enough for letting us into the show, and I can't thank my friend enough for inviting me!
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