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Old 08-29-2007, 04:06 PM
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Sounds Of The Underground 2007 -- Mesa, AZ -- August 5th, 2007

I Made this thread for a review AND set-lists though I already made a thread for the set-lists...Enjoy!!!

Venue opens at 11, people buying their souvenirs, getting drinks, everything seems usual at Sounds Of The Underground today. I arrived at 11:30 and the line was extremely short to get in to the venue, however, security took away all cameras. (however, some people snuck their cameras in) I believed the show was to start immediately, but however I had to wait a good 20 minutes before the first band- 2Cents.

I was excited just because it was Sounds Of The Underground and I was excited for them. They came on the stage around 12:00 P.M. and they delivered a very good show. Most bands that open a festival usually have a hard time getting the crowd going, but 2Cents had no problem with this. They had everyone moving for the first song, including me! They had some great songs, all of which everyone moved to. In short, they got the crowd moving before the day had even started! A huge surprise was them covering Slayer’s “Raining Blood!” And they did an excellent job covering it!

2Cents Set-List
1. Get The Door
2. The Wedding Dress
3. Fucked In The Afterlife
4. Crowd Control
5. Victims Of Pop Culture
6. Raining Blood

Next up were New Orleans greats Goatwhore!

Great name, huh? I had moved to front row for them and it was worth it. Though not as many moved to Goatwhore as they did 2Cents a few diehards in front of me were losing their minds to Goatwhore. Led by Soilent Green vocalist Ben Falgoust (Who by the way is incredibly tall) Goatwhore did what they do best. Having quite a short slot time they did their absolute best and it was worth it.

Goatwhore’s Set-List
1. Bloodletting Upon The Cloven Hoof
2. Forever Consumed Oblivion
3. Sky Inferno
4. Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult

After Goatwhore, was Massachusetts Deathcore act, The Acacia Strain, instead of playing a string of songs, it sounded like one long song. I didn’t care for them. To my unknowing, this was the first of the four worst bands of the day.

The Devil Wears Prada was up next. Though they had much more stage energy then The Acacia Strain, they were still a disappointment.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You was another disappointment. Which I was surprised because they have two singers, which meant double intensity though I was proven wrong.

Heavy Heavy Low Low I only saw maybe five minutes of. Wasn’t worth checking out. So I decided to go meet 2Cents at their merchandise booth and meet Goatwhore at theirs. The guys in 2Cents were really great guys, they even gave me two free stickers. While Sammy and Ben from Goatwhore were a bit grumpy. Probably from the Arizona sun beating down on them.

After Heavy Heavy Low Low , was a band I had been looking forward to for quite some time, Darkest Hour

I managed to weasel my way to the front for them which was a smart move. I knew that people would be losing their minds and have a lot of fun in the circle pit for them. Darkest Hour came on stage strong and left even stronger. However, I believe they could have thrown in some better songs, but performance wise, they were incredible.

Darkest Hour’s Set-List
1. With A Thousand Words To Say But One
2. Sound The Surrender
3. Deliver US
4. Convalescence
5. The Sadist Nation

Next were the only foreign band on this year’s tour, Amon Amarth.

I had heard so many good things about this band live, but they couldn’t live up to their hype from other people. Their show just happened to be a bit slow. And the music was all right to me, but if the music and stage performance doesn’t mesh, then it probably won’t be good with me.

Amon Amarth’s Set-List
1. Valhall Awaits Me
2. Runes To My Memory
3. Death In Fire
4. Cry Of The Blackbirds
5. Pursuit Of Vikings

Next were Arizona natives, Job For A Cowboy.

I will admit, I hate their music (basically the singer, everything else is pretty good.) But seeing them live is A whole different thing than on the album. They had the crowd moving and all the people who came for them (which is why I saw a lot of Job For A Cowboy t-shirts from the crowd), were definitely screaming along to them, I’ll even admit I even sang one song.

Job For A Cowboy’s Set-List
1. Entities
2. Reduced To Mere Filth
3. Altered From Catechization
4. Entombment Of A Machine
5. Embedded
6. Knee Deep

Next was another Massachusetts band, Shadows Fall.

I was looking extremely forward to them. So I secured myself a front row spot for them. After Job For A Cowboy, it took the stage change about twenty to thirty minutes because the amps, backdrop, and drum risers had to be changed and this was the whole formula for the rest of the day.

Shadows Fall started strong and already played the Thrash songs to get the crowd moving. When they played at Sounds Of The Underground 2006 in Mesa, Shadows Fall had an enormous circle pit. This year the attempted to beat it. Though not at long, it was surely wider! Though I wanted to stay front row for all of Shadows Fall’s slot time, I got pulled into the pit, in which I had a great time! About twenty minutes into their time, the stage caught fire! It was nothing big, an amp just caught fire and overheated. It was put out in about five minutes. Due to the fire, the band got cut one or two songs. They still were enjoyable to me nonetheless. And apparently everyone else thought so because of the reaction Shadows Fall received.

Shadows Fall’s Set-List
1. Failure Of The Devout
2. Burning The Lives
3. Redemption
4. Steeping Outside The Circle
5. Eternity Is Within
6. The Light That Blinds
7. What Drives The Weak

Every Time I Die was next.

And everyone was completely worn out from Shadows Fall hardly anyone could stand up during Every Time I Die. I managed to score my front row spot again for Every Time I Die. The intro for this band was wacky and very funny to me. Oh, and their backdrop was a simple message to all of the bad crowds they played to on this tour. The background was a big middle finger with ETID tattooed on the finger. And as soon as I saw that, I immediately began laughing hysterically. And this was before they were even on stage. But as soon as the intro was over (which was funny too), the band immediately jumped into a now fan favorite, “Bored Stiff.” From there on, Every Time I Die’s stage show was quite a spectacle.

Every Time I Die’s Set-List
1. Bored Stiff
2. Off Broadway
3. Apocalypse Now And Then
4. No Son Of Mine
5. Kill The Music
6. Ebolarama
7. Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery
8. The New Black
9. Floater

Cleveland sextet, Chimaira, was to take the stage next.

I had also been looking forward to them, and had still secured my spot for them. I wasn’t paying attention to the crowd, but my prediction was the crowd had been going crazy for them. As I had been going crazy too. Bassist Jim LaMarca had been staring me down as I had been doing to him, and me and him were singing the lyrics to each other back and forth. I left my spot before “Needle” because I was getting pushed up against the barricade and couldn’t breathe too well. However, Chimaira was full of energy, and most energized of the band was keyboardist Chris Spicuzza who was losing his mind most of the time and wasn’t even too focused on playing. Chimaira left Arizona on a very positive note, with their anthem, “Pure Hatred.”

Chimaira’s Set-List
1. Nothing Remains
2. Resurrection
3. Power Trip
4. Needle
5. The Dehumanizing Process
6. Pleasure In Pain
7. Salvation
8. Pure Hatred

Next up were shock-rockers GWAR.

Everyone was ready to get sprayed down with the artificial blood for the next 50 minutes. Their stage show was extremely exciting, but, the set list was nowhere near as good as 2006’s Sounds Of The Underground Set-List. Though a good show, I couldn’t help but shake the feeling of bitterness as to how much they lacked this year than 2006. Performance wise, I would give it an Eight out of Ten. Music wise this year would have to be Four out of Ten.

Now we come to our last band of the day the highly anticipated (and the reason why there is so many older faces in the crowd tonight), hailing from Venice, California…
Suicidal Tendencies!

Suicidal Tendencies had been booked for three straight shows at Sounds Of The Underground this year and they were playing the Arizona show. Lucky for me! Removing GWAR’s equipment seemed like it took much longer than 25 minutes, also due to the fact that the stage had to be dried off because of the artificial blood. And at about 9:15 P.M. Suicidal Tendencies took the stage. The excitement took over everyone as they all tried to get a good spot for them. I had a front row spot to the left for them. And I wasn’t going to leave at all! A one minute intro leading intro their opus, “You Can’t Bring Me Down” was the slowest minute ever. The excitement just overtook me enough to make time go by much slower, but it was a better feeling of excitement for that minute. Singer Mike Muir took his time getting on the stage while the band played the rest of the intro for two more minutes until Mike opened his mouth and screamed, “What The Fucks’ Going On Around Here?!” As soon as he said that the show had commenced! And everyone was singing along to all the classic ST songs. Mike Muir talked quite a lot in between songs-and because of this, Suicidal left out a song or two- but was actually talking about things going on in the world today, and everyone was moved by his words. However, one thing that surprised me was no one was moshing to them. I assume everyone was way too tired to. They played for about an hour and made the best of it. Though their was a song or two I had wanted to hear, they still played many great songs. During the final song, the crowd from backstage came on stage and sang the song and were enjoying themselves. It looked like a party of about 60-70 people on stage! Though 25 years into their career, Suicidal Tendencies still put on a better show than most of the younger bands at Sounds Of The Underground this year.

Suicidal Tendencies’ Set-List
1. You Can’t Bring Me Down
2. Trip At The Brain
3. War Inside My Head
4. Subliminal
5. Send Me Your Money
6. We Are A Family
7. Possessed To Skate
8. Cyco Vision
9. I Saw Your Mommy
10.How Will I Laugh Tomorrow?
11. Pledge Your Allegiance

In final, the whole day went off incredibly. This year was much better than 2006. I will definitely be attending Sounds Of The Underground 2008. See You Next Year!

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Nice Suicidal setlist, thanks for the review
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Old 09-10-2007, 09:03 PM
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I went to san jose, suicidal kicked ass
too bad for all the idiots who left right after Gwar was over
I agree with almost everything exept I thought Amon Amarth was one of the best bands
but this was the tour of the summer
04-05 Ozzfest
06 Unholy Alliance
07 SotU

EDIT: But what the fuck??? Darkest Hour didnt play Bear Huntin USA

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2cents, amon amarth, chimaira, darkest hour, every time i die, goatwhore, job for a cowboy, shadows fall, suicidal tendencies

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