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Black Sabbath -- Manchester, England -- January 22nd, 2017
Alcest -- Toronto, Ontario -- January 21st, 2017
Mayhem -- Toronto, Ontario -- January 21st, 2017
The Pretty Reckless -- London, England -- January 21st, 2017
Ash Borer -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- January 20th, 2017

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Old 08-31-2006, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72
Warrell Dane's voice is my favorite part of the band. I think he's a great singer.

The band as a whole is decent.
You used to not like Dane but like the rest. O_o

I prefere Nevermore to most power metal bands.
Death tastes like metal. O_O
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Old 08-31-2006, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by iggyb387
You used to not like Dane but like the rest. O_o

I prefere Nevermore to most power metal bands.
He grew on me and they're not power metal.
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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Old 08-31-2006, 05:02 PM
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Dane is one of my favorite singers. He's a brutal edge to Geoff Tate.

And they aren't power metal.
Mortals are mortar and life is the fuse.
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Old 08-31-2006, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ADD
I hate his voice too.
I hope he was drunk the night I saw him. That bastard was further off key and more wobbly than Glenn Danzig. The band probably wasn't bad.. .but I don't remember... the singing fucked it all up for me.
Jaco died for our sins so that modern bass players could be free to play more and be heard.
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Old 08-31-2006, 05:53 PM
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They have two amazing albums "Dreaming Neon Black" and "Dead Heart In A Dead World". Again I am pissed that once again they didnt play anything from the former album.
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