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Old 05-14-2006, 11:52 AM
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Angry Otep -- San Francisco, CA -- January 26th, 2005

TOUR: Otep's "Alliance of Defiance"
SUPPORT: American Head Charge, Candiria, The Autumn Offering
VENUE: The Pound -- San Francisco, CA
DATE: January 26nd, 2005
ATTENDED W/: Bouville
GEAR WORN: Dying Fetus Stop At Nothing
MOSHING REPORT: minimal during support
EDDIES AWARDED: N/A (Left Concert)
REVIEWED: January 28th, 2005


48 hours after a week in Nashville and a weekend in Los Angeles for a night with Black Label Society and a day at Disneyland, Bouville and I headed off to The Pound in San Francisco to see Otep on her Alliance of Defiance Tour. This was just a ďlets check it outĒ type adventure, so neither of us want to hear any shit about it. Bouville played ringleader and warned me on the way to the city that it would be a nu-metal fest.

The Pound is the biggest, smallest shit hole of a venue Iíve attended to date. Itís located in the Bayview / Hunterís Point section of San Francisco. Letís just be diplomatic and say it is well known for its murder rate, hookers, drugs, and gang problems. The Pound isnít on its worst corner (actually itís in more of an industrial area near a post office) but it is still close enough to jar my white-bred pale-ass comfort level. The building itself is so rickety that it will likely fall in the next big earthquake. Its restrooms are closed but four porta-potties on the patio await those willing to tolerate the stench of last nightís metal urchins (and those from the night before that and those fromÖ.). The stage at the Pound reminds me of the one in the multi-purpose room at the elementary school I attended as a kid. My tally might off but I counted a grand total of eight house stage lights. The place probably holds 300-400 people max. Let me not tell you about the security because there wasnít any; apparently, the Pound learned nothing from the death of Dimebag. As shitty as the venue, you'll probably not find a more intimate venue where semi-major acts will play. Bring your camera because the ticket taker won't care and band members will ham it up for you, especially if you have a decent rack.

Because we were casually late, Bouville and I caught the only tail end of the opening support, a band called The Autumn Offering. They looked like a bunch of kids on stage but they sounded pretty damn good. After their set, they worked their own merch table. Bouville pointed to a sign they put out: ďWe need a place to stay. If you have a room, let us know.Ē Thatís fucking tight. They were out of cdís or I would have bought one just to support them. They have apparently since been booted from the tour; Blabbermouth reported today that Bloodsimple was the opening opener. Someone should tell The Autumn Offeringís webmaster because their site says they are on the bill for the next two months.

Candiria hopped on stage next. Thatís right. I wrote HOPPED. I donít mean Steve Harris bunny hops; weíre talking about gymnastics. What THE FUCK!? Then the singer began rapping. Thatís just wrong. My natural instinct was to rush the stage, bitch slap the fucker, and turn his god damn Yankees cap forward from 10 oíclock. Yeah, yeah.. I donít trash bands... at least they playing. Whatever. Candiria should stop.

American Head Charge tortured the crowd after a most ridiculous delay and demonstration of sound check Pollyannaism. Fucking bitches, they sucked a tad less than Candiria.

During the AHC set, a guy from Candiria abandoned their merch table for a few minutes. I watched it out of the corner of my eye; no one stole anything Ė not a shirt or even a fucking bumper sticker. You know a band sucks when a crowd wonít even steal their shit, much less pay for it.

Thank God, American Head Charge finally left the stage a few minutes before 11 PM. Otep took about 40 minutes to get their stage prepared and soundcheck. Iíll give credit to the band and their roadies; finally, some one knew what the fuck they were doing on stage. As 11:30 PM approached, a quarter of the crowd abandoned the show. Bouville and I walked up to third off center-stage and proceeded to lay out the ultimate truth: ďIíve played in places bigger than this.Ē

Otep stormed on the stage after the mandatory PA intro bullshit, flipping off the crowd and spouting some crap about revolution. Before her first song ended, I signaled Bouville that I wanted to get the fuck out of there. As we walked back to my truck, he asked me when did I started reading mindsÖ

Iíve got nothing against Otep. I gave that commie bitch a pass at Ozzfest. In preparation for this review, I decided to give House of Secrets another pass on my commute up to the valley. Let me repeat my Ozzfest sentiments: sheís a commie bitch but I give her a pass on artistic merit. The problem is waiting through nearly four hours of nu-metal hell for her to come on stage. I was completely fed up. There is no way Iím giving her an Eddie rating.

For those that care, I found the set list on the Otep board.

Requiem(Tape intro)
Battle Ready
My Confession
Blood Pigs
Hooks and Splinters
Jonestown Tea

The night wasn't a total washout. King Diamond is playing the Pound in a couple of months. At least, we got the lay of the land. My next concert won't suck. It's GWAR. I shall be duly rewarded. If you go, you will be too.
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