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Thumbs down Danzig w/ Doyle -- Las Vegas, NV -- December 28th, 2004

SPECIAL SHOW: Danzig with a guest appearance by Doyle
SUPPORT: Bleeding Through, As I Lay Dying
VENUE: Hard Rock Casino -- Las Vegas, NV
DATE: Saturday, December 28th, 2004
ATTENDED W/: Motorhead Jeff, The Thinker
GEAR WORN: GWAR War Party Tour Shirt and GWAR Hoodie
MERCH PURCHASED: $5 Danzig Goat Skull Patch, One Shirt For The Thinker
REVIEWED: January 11th, 2005


Let me introduce a new member of our circle: The Thinker lives on the Central Coast of California and is a few years younger than me and Motorhead Jeff; we’ve all known each other for years. The Thinker completed his undergraduate degree in philosophy last month and will be starting a graduate program in the same in a couple of weeks. A faithful heretic in the Church, The Thinker seduces women with Trans-Finite Number Theory and Deviant Logic. He is old school metal, a scotch drinker, and a real man slut.

Two days after Christmas, The Thinker and I drove down to Rancho Motorhead Jeff in the midst of Mother Nature’s menstrual cramps. After a night of catching up over the background of a newly purchased Napoleon Dynamite DVD (Friggin’ Sweet!), Motorhead Jeff loaded the entire clan into his van, and off we’re were to Las Vegas for the show. Mother Nature was even more of a bitch to us than she was the day before. Mrs. Motorhead Jeff checked us all in the hotel and whisked the kids away to pizza, leaving the men to their evil ways for the night.

We arrived at the Hard Rock Casino and quickly found the concert hall. Doors had opened two hours prior, so there was no line for entry. In fact, there was no SECURITY for entry either. No metal wands. No pat downs. NOTHING. People were openly walking around with their cameras (digital and VIDEO) and God knows what else in their pockets. Sure, it’s a casino, and casino-fried-pork is everywhere but a lot of good it would do me if some Nazi rammed a blade into my stomach and left me to bleed out my life in the pit.

Let me tear the Hard Rock’s new asshole a lot wider. Above the stage is the nice slogan: “Humanity Is Instrumental.” Like the “Who Do You Love?” message atop most House Of Blues halls, fake corporate statements of secular spirituality really offend the living hell out of me. In fact, it bothered me more than the black ceiling-to-floor banners, sporting single large red pentagrams overlaid by a Danzig horned goat skulls, hanging silently on each side of the stage. And what the fuck was Stone Temple Pilot’s Plush doing on the PA? What the FUCK was a Starbuck’s ad during on the video screens? WHAT THE FUCK WAS AN AD FOR KITCHEN INTERIOR DESIGN DOING ON THE SCREENS!?!?!


The crowd was almost as wrong as the Hard Rock. There were way too many chicks, too many good-looking chicks really; it reminded me of a sanitized Metallica arena concert. Even the dudes in the crowd weren’t that fucked up; I expected a much higher freak factor. It just wasn’t very evil and only slightly metal. Our theory is that the beautiful people graced the show because Doyle’s appearance made the show the place to be and be seen. Whatever. Les Claypool should do another song called "Too Many Posers."

Since this was The Thinker’s first concert with us, I took him to the merch stand and bought him his uniform for the night: a new Danzig shirt with the goat skull logo and nothing more on it. I bought a $5 patch of the same for myself, just as I did a GWAR patch at the Key Club a few weeks before. After a quick stop at the bar, we returned to Motorhead Jeff who was defending our turf in the center of the hall, about half way back from the action.

We missed the local opener; actually, we had hoped to miss all of the supports acts. First up: Bleeding Through. Motorhead Jeff and I saw them in late November on the Headbanger’s Ball Tour on its stop in Anaheim on their home Orange Country turf. Orange County hailed their local heroes; Las Vegas literally gave them the finger. A hardcore band simply had no business opening up for Danzig and the crowd vocalized their extreme displeasure.

Let me quote almost my entire last review of Bleeding Through: “These guys are Himsa but with stage presence and an underutilized skirt on keyboards turned down too low in the mix to be of any use for my tastes.” I stand by my statement on Marta, the skirt; Bleeding Through does not utilize her well. She has great stage presence and is fun to watch. The lead singer and the bass player have their shit together too but their guitarists need to do more than play and pick their noses. Early on in their set, Motorhead Jeff and I exchanged a look and had the same thought: “They don’t suck as bad as last time…these guys are improving!” I did not manage a complete set list because I just don’t know their music but they opened with Love Lost In A Hail Of Gun Fire Lyrics. Other songs included Rise and Our Enemies. It was a seven-song set in total. I actually look forward to seeing them again. A few days after the concert, I bought one of their albums; the keyboards were weak as hell on it too. Despite that, I’m going to keep my eye on them.

Hot Damn! I was all ready for Danzig. Instead As I Lay Dying burst onto the stage and I do mean burst. Talk about stage presence, theses guys should have lent some to the guitarists in Bleeding Through. Their lanky singer has vocal game but the dude needs really needs to thicken up; I wanted to rush an emergency sandwich up to the stage just in case. With their exception of their last song (Forever), I have no clue what they played but they previewed forthcoming tracks from the album they’re recording in a few weeks. As I Lay Dying didn’t impress me enough to buy an album. They did speak to me, but the crowd flipped them less birds than Bleeding Through. Again, we had another band that just didn’t fit the bill as an opener for music like Danzig’s. Who the hell programmed this concert anyways?

After a few minutes of Nirvana on the PA and more Starbucks ads on the video, spotlights lit up the bright red pentagrams on the banners. Even those I know it’s all bullshit, it made me a bit uncomfortable and thoughts crossed my mind to hit the casino but I decided to stay rather tarnish The Thinker’s first show. The stage crew hoisted the backdrop, pitch black inlaid with a single massive goat skull. A few minutes after 11:00 PM, the house lights went dark and Wotan’s Procession ominously heralded the arrival of Danzig on stage.

I’ve owned the Misfits boxed for a few months and picked up a few of Danzig’s solo albums in December in preparation for the show. My first reaction to Danzig’s self-titled album: Jim Morrison singing the blues, the Satanic rock and roll blues. Jim Morrison is one of my anti-heroes. My expectations for Danzig were absolutely fucking huge.

What I got in Las Vegas was absolutely fucking weak, thin, and way the hell off key. This was Danzig? Motorhead Jeff nailed it straight up a couple songs into the set: “Normally you would expect a singer to sound like that at the end of a tour, not beginning.” I hated it so much that I again contemplated hitting the craps tables to pass the time but didn’t, again, for the Thinker. There was also supposed to be some Misfits songs, so I decided to duke it out.

Midway through the set, Danzig stopped the show to introduce his special guest… this hulking, totally ripped goliath snarled into the spotlight… his face painted into a skull with a single braid of hair flopping over his face. Doyle was in the fucking house, and he completely upstaged Danzig. I’ve never seen a presence on stage like Doyle’s. The entire stage was his personal kingdom and he roamed and stalked it while rhythmically striking his guitar from a tight bicep curl at a distance of at least 18 inches and pounding down hard on the strings. What Geezer taught me about bass at Ozzfest, Doyle taught me about the stage. I’m sure Danzig and Doyle offered their greatest Misfits hits but they missed all of my favorites – like I cared at all. I was too busy taking notes and learning from Doyle.

After maybe just ten minutes of Misfits songs, it was over. Doyle vanished from the stage, and Danzig carried on with one or two songs before finishing off the main set with Mother – the one song Motorhead Jeff really wanted to hear. The band started in on their encore, and I turned to MJ: “I’m taking a leak. I’ll see you outside after it’s done.” MJ: “Me too. Tell The Thinker”. The Thinker: “I’ve had enough… let’s go.”

A taxi spit us at out at the steps of our hotel, and we immediately hit the café for food and discussion about how lame Danzig’s performance had been. Then I hit the craps table. I started with a hundred and turned it into three, even though I was playing like a real chicken shit. We deposited MJ with his family, and the Thinker and I went back to our room for a few minutes – only a few minutes because I wanted to play some more. I started with another hundred and doubled it too. The Thinker got into the action, taking a fifty spot to well over two fifty by making similarly sized chicken shit wagers. The table was so hot that the house disallowed new players. The pit guys even started to talk to us more and more, our theory being that they were trying to distract us. I cowardly cashed out a couple to protect my winnings but decided to drop a Benjamin on the pass line because it was my roll. Nine was the point. Dramatically, I threw down two more of his brother and proclaimed “Money plays.” Two rolls later, I rolled my nine and immediately did a hopping victory dance, slapping hands with anyone around me. Then I turned to the pit boss: “I’m done with my roll. I don’t care. Cash me out.” The Thinker told me after the fact a few jaws dropped but I had just successfully clocked the house. After paying for all kinds of expenses (drinks at the concert, merch, food, tips, unmentionables, etc), I left the next morning with a tad under $1000; I probably had really won close to fourteen – all from a single Benjamin.

Boys and girls, that’s twice in a row. I paid for the trip and a really expensive bass when I kicked Bally’s in the nuts on the craps table at the opener of the Megadeth tour in Reno last October. Now I did about the same in Las Vegas. I should probably never go into a casino again just in case.

Danzig was the worst headliner I’ve seen in my concert career. Maybe he needs a few shows to get his pipes in shape. I don’t know but I’m probably not going to find out. Iron Maiden is the standard by which I judge all things metal, 10 Eddies reflecting any performance by our beloved Iron Fucking Maiden. Danzig gets the most damning rating I will likely ever give a headliner. I’m going to make it special in light of his music and career. 6.66 Eddies.

Intro - Wotan's Procession
Skin Carver
Satan's Child
I Luciferi
Black Mass
Circle of Snakes
1000 Devils Reign
How the Gods Kill
Her Black Wings
Its Coming Down
Skull Forrest
20 Eyes
Mommy, Can I go Out & Kill Tonight
Earth AD
We Are 138
---- DOYLE LEAVES ----
Until You Call On the Dark
Twist of Cain
Do You Wear the Mark
Devils Whorehouse

Source: ArchAngel @ The Seventh House
Jaco died for our sins so that modern bass players could be free to play more and be heard.
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