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im the friend i thought it was an amazing show. right on the rail was much better than over thanksgiving break when i was a few rows back. the setlist wasnt that great on paper, but live it really kicked ass. i definetly know that God Forbid played the End of the World, but the over 3 im not sure about. the lead singer did have an amazing stage presence. This big black guy with dreds and a skull and cross bones tatoo. Part way through their set the drums fucked up and there was about a 4 minute story of how the band went through some life and death experience in a tourbus, meanwhile the guitarist played an awesome solo. I caught one of bodom's drum sticks, but not a whole lot of contact with Alexi. he came to our side of the stage only a few times, and just for a quick solo then he would move back. All in all easily one of the best shows ive been to.
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