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Dream set eh? My real dream set would include just about EVERY song they've ever done. But I guess I have to narrow it down to 20:

0.)Induction (It's an intro, doesn't count
1.) Dethrone Tyranny
2.) Fight
3.) Man On A Mission
4.) Gardens Of The Sinner
5.) Lust For Life
6.) Damn The Machine
7.) Land Of The Free
8.) Blood Religion
9.) Last Before The Storm
10.) One With The World
11.) Heaven Or Hell
12.) Valley Of The Kings
13.) Send Me A Sign
14.) I Want Out
15.) Rebellion In Dreamland
16.) Armageddon
Encore 1:
17.) Watcher In The Sky
18.) Heading For Tomorrow
Encore 2:
19.) New World Order
20.) Somewhere Out In Space
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