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King Diamond -- Copenhagen, Denmark -- April 19th, 2006

King Diamond did a great show in Copenhagen, kinda like a homecoming show. He´s old now, and his voice doesn´t hold up for long shows which he readily admits, so the almost-90-minuteconcert is totally understandable. I even got to see the soundcheck and spend time with both Hal Patino, Matt Thompson and Andy LaRocque A great day was had by all. And, yes, the first part of the show (Abigail-part) is going to be hard to top this year, concertwise. The opening with Funeral/Arrival/Mansion is a CLASSIC!!!!


Soundcheck (all without King)
Funeral/Eye of the witch (tapechecks, no playing)
Eye of the witch (full song)
A mansion in darkness (partial)
Arrival (full song)

A mansion In Darkness
The Family Ghost
Black Horsemen
Spare This Life
Mansion In Sorrow
Sorry Dear
Come To The Sabbath
Eye Of The Witch
Matt Thompson - Drum Solo
Sleepless Nights
Blood To Walk
So Sad
Living Dead (outro)
Welcome Home
The Invisible Guests
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