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Slave to the System -- Columbus, OH -- April 18th, 2006

Last night was a bit of a surprise for me. Until I got home from school, I didn't even know I was going to see this show. My dad and I made the trek to Columbus for the second time this month (first was for Rob Zombie) and we watched what was originally a Queensrÿche side project, but is now the main band of all its members but Scott Rockenfield. The show only had about 100 people at it, but it made it very intimate and cool.

The first band on the bill were a local group called Variant. And Holy Christ, how they sucked. Metalcore without solos, which I'll call "screamo", since I believe that's the technical term for it. I gave the horns to the guys---who were roughly my age---but they weren't tr00 enough to return the favor. Zero Eddies (Sorry Pavo )

The second band were incredible and just about as good as Slave to the System themselves. I might have to go pick up their album. They were another local Columbus band called Fall of Man. I explain their sound as essentially groove metal, but the slow songs had definite stoner rock influence. And the singer---get this---looked exactly like Ripper Owens, and sounded a bit like him too. I couldn't snag a setlist because they didn't introduce everything, I wasn't familiar with the material, and they didn't use an actual paper setlist. Someone was bootlegging videorecording them from on and next to the stage, it would be cool to check out if I find a copy.

At 10:00, Slave to the System finally made their way to the stage, and they totally slayed. If you haven't already heard them, think a slightly poppier '90s Queensrÿche with grunge influence in the vocals and way more guitar solos and harmonies. The depressing thing was that Scott Rockenfield had to fly to Seattle to do some stuff regarding Mindcrime II, so they had a replacement drummer. Kelly Gray was the main guitarist, you'll remember him from Q2k and Live Evolution. He was 'kin incredible. In the second song he threw a couple of picks out when he was going to finger pick something, and I caught one, which was very cool. They burst through about an hour and fifteen minutes of material from their debut and their unreleased sophomore album. I got my hands on their actual setlist, so this is 100% accurate:

Slave to the System
Ruby Wednesday
Cruise Out of Control
Gone Today
Crow Flies
Walk the Line
Anger's Eyes

Great show overall, certainly worth $5 a ticket from a scalper!

EDIT: Addi should check out some Fall of Man, he would definitely dig them!
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