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David Gilmour -- Rosemont, IL -- April 12th, 2006

TOUR: On An Island Tour
VENUE: Rosemont Theater, Rosemont, IL
DATE: Wednesday, April 12th, 2006


1. Castellorizon
2. On An Island
3. Red Sky at Night (Gilmour on sax)
4. Blue
5. Then I Close My Eyes
6. This Heaven
7. Smile
8. Take A Breath
9. A Pocket Full of Stones
10. Where We Start

11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
12. Wot's... Uh The Deal
13. Wearing The Inside Out
14. Fat Old Sun
15. Breathe/Time
16. High Hopes
17. Echoes

18. Wish You Were Here
19. Comfortably Numb (Richard Wright on vocals)

David Gilmour - Guitar, Vocals
Richard Wright – Keyboards (Pink Floyd)
Phil Manzanera – Guitar (Roxy Music and co-producer of 'On An Island')
Guy Pratt – Bass (Pink Floyd and Roxy Music)
Jon Carin – Keyboards, Guitar, etc. (longtime player with Pink Floyd)
Steve DiStanislao – Drums (recently played with Crosby & Nash)
Dick Parry - Saxophone (longtime player with Pink Floyd)

First set: 1 Hour
Second set: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

First, let me just state the obvious. This was an excellent show. If David Gilmour is not your favorite guitarist, you have not been paying attention. The man is amazing. Hearing those solos live was beyond words. I am a drummer so I can't really break it down technically, but to me his precision, tone, and overall sound are second to none. And he was on fire last night. The solos practically soared over the crowd and flowed through the theater like waves on the ocean. (Yeah, I know, but it was that good!)

Second, if you like the new disc "On An Island" you will love hearing it live. The entire disc was played during the first set and it sounded great. Take A Breath was easily the highlight, but the rest were very good as well. Some people were disappointed with the first set being entirely devoted to the new disc, but Dave made it clear that this was not just a Pink Floyd show.

Speaking of Pink Floyd, I still can't believe that Echoes was played in full. It was incredible live and just that one song was worth the price of admission. The lasers, lights and fog were really cool during the solos. The rest of the Floyd songs were a pretty fair representation of old and not so old. High Hopes was excellent and the encore was outstanding. Of course, Breathe/Time brought the biggest ovation besides the encore, and it was well-deserved. And yes, Richard Wright is along for this tour. He also received a large ovation when the band was introduced.

Bottom line - if you are a Pink Floyd fan at all, you need to see this show!

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