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Children of Bodom -- San Francisco, CA -- Arpil 8th, 2006

i dont really like righting reviews so ill make it quick . . . .

i got there with a friend at about 5:30, so we were right behind the rail, and the moment bodom came on we grabbed it and both stayed on the rail for the rest of the concert

support was "through the eyes of the dead" and god forbid. TTEOTD absolutely sucked . . . straight-up metalcore with pathetic screaming vocals which sounded a lot like the guy from the black dahlia murder. It didnt even seem like the singer was actually saying anything . . . just screaming. Luckily, God forbid was a lot better, i pleseant suprise since i thought they would be just as boring. Although fairly metalcore, they have wonderful guitar leads and a great stage presence. I especially liked their singer. Most metalcore bands have winy pussy good-dop vocals, but this guys really had a powerful clean voice as well as an amazing scream. It was also nice to see a metal band with some black people in it besides wicked wisdome (drummer and singer are black). i didnt have enough money to buy a cd, but i plan to pick up their newest as soon as i can, since most of their set was from it, and it rocked

bodom, of course, was absolutely amazing. The setlist was shorter that last tour, but much better with some great old favorites. Notice that this time they opened with Are You dead yet? instead of living dead beat. The new cd has actually really grown on me so i was dissapointed they didnt play we're not gonna fall . . . but whatever. My only problem with bodom's preformance was that i could not hear the keyboards very well except during the solos.

anyway . . . the setlist was as follows:

Intro (Theme of Naked Gun)
Are You Dead Yet?
Needled 24/7
Follow The Reaper
Hate Me!
Angels Don't Kill
Towards Dead End
Lake Bodom
In Your Face
Everytime I Die
Hate Crew Deathroll


Living Dead Beat
Outro (Fight For Your Right)

notice the great old songs like lake bodom, warheart, and towards dead end

even though hate crew deathroll is not one of my fav bodom songs, it is my favorite so hear live

btw, my Jaska through a drumstick to my friend, and we both got god forbid signed guitar picks

i took a bunch of great pics with my cell phone, but for some reason only these two would send to my computer . . . note: these were zoomed out all the way, and i have a pretty shitty cell phone, so that's how close we were!!

hmm for some reason you have to click a link . . . o well, check em out, they are great shots for a camera phone!!
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