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Originally Posted by Wrathchild_84
I just realized I left one out
Darkness Of Christ (intro)
1) Disciple
2) War Ensemble
3) At Dawn They Sleep
4) Fight Till Death
5) Mandatory Suicide
6) Necrophiliac
7) Dead Skin Mask
8) Seasons In The Abyss
9) Stain Of Mind
10) Chemical Warfare
11) Hallowed Point
12) Hell Awaits
13) South Of Heaven
14) Angel Of Death
15) Postmortem
16) Raining Blood
And there may be another that I just don't remember
Great setlist... I would like to have Exile included but that's fine... I am looking forward to see them in San Francisco... Turkey and I have pit tickets... I hope I can get some "blood" from the stage or maybe from the moshpit

Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayer!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
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