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You gotta think about it though, they were just one of the bands in there (Scorpions and Ian Gillan were there, too) and I suppose they wanted to play a greatest hits -alike setlist: if they would have played more some rarely played songs the audience would have been confused, since I'm sure there were also fans of Ian Gillan and Scorpions. Face it, they played it safe this time.

Take On The World isn't one of my faves either, though it is better than your average metal anthem. The reason why they played it was probably that this particular song was among their first radio hit and it was broadcasted a lot by Tommy Vance. This show was kind of a tribute to him, so that probably explains Take On The World. (I remember reading about Take On The World in a interview before the RAH show)

But well, that setlist was a bit mediocre, I have to admit. I liked the setlist of last tour much better, but thinking of these circumstances that's actually a satisfying setlist. It would have been kinda cool to have been there.
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