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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
Source: Go-Go Worshipper's

Our Lips Are Sealed
How Much More
Lust to Love
This Town
We Got the Beat
Fading fast
You Can't Walk In Your Sleep
Skidmarks On My Heart
Can't Stop the World
Head Over Heels
Cool Jerk
Get Up and Go
Throw Me a Curve
Stuck in My Car
Beatnik Beach
Walking in the Sand

1. Fuck you. I like The Go-Go's. They are in the Permanent Record and will be make it again this year.

2. They don't mix up their set list all that much... usually stays consistent throughout the tour.

3. The last song is solo Belinda.. what the fuck is that doing that? No La La Land?
I remember taking a girl to a Go-Go's show back in college. It was a fun night as I recall
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