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Originally Posted by ADD
Did I ever say I liked the vocals on Walls Of Jericho? The music is phenomenal on that album, however, unlike Gamma Ray's music.
Did I ever say you liked the vocals on Walls Of Jericho? No, I said you liked the album. You also never complained about the vocals on it either but now all of a sudden the same vocalist is guilty of "pussy squeals." Gamma Ray's music is phenomenal!!! Your opinion may differ. Besides, your opinion holds little if any water since you admittedly have heard no Gamma Ray outside of Land Of The Free. Anyway the bottom line is this: You constantly take jabs at them. If you don't like them, fine, but stay the fuck out of threads about them then and don't enter them just for the sake of bashing I bashed Mastodon in this thread in retalliation to what you did in my GR thread to simply make just that point. Damnit, now there are 2 people trying to push me the hell out of here. It might just fucking work too. I'm so sick of this fucking shit. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I even come here!

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