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The Bronx Casket Co. -- New York City, NY -- March 26, 2006

Whew, just got back from the city, here's the deal:

Loudness was the headliner for this show, but I went to see The Bronx Casket Co., which is, for those of you who don't know, a side project of Overkill's bassist D.D. Verni. They play a brand of goth rock/metal in the vein of Type O Negative, with plenty of latter-day Overkill groove riffs and badassery. As for the show, they were pretty good. Not great. I was as front-and-center against the rail as I could possibly be, so that was very cool. D.D. didn't seem all that enthused, though I don't blame him; the crowd wasn't very excited about the BCC. On vocals he makes a decent replacement for the departed Myke Hideous, but it was kind of apparent he doesn't have much experience as a lead singer. Guitarist Jack Frost was definitely into it, I kept getting metal looks from him whenever I sang along with the lyrics or banged my head to the music I couldn't snag the physical setlist (it was right in front of me but the bouncer ignored me when I asked for it), but I jotted it down into my cell phone notepad... here she is:

Who Lives Forever
I Am God Here
Sewing the Dead
Bleed With Me
The Other Me
Black Valentine
Little Dead Girl
Vampire War

All in all I'm very glad I saw them and was able to pay further homage to Mr. Verni.

As for Loudness, well, I (unfortunately) had never even heard their music until tonight, and ironically enough, they were filming a DVD at this show, so I'm sure I'll be on that They put on a great show though, they were really excited to be there. Akira Takasaki is a fucking sick performer.
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