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Eternal Exile -- Northwood, Ohio -- March 17th, 2006

1. "The Breakdown" [Instrumental Intro]
2. Shadow Man
3. Mouth of the Recreant
4. New Dawn
5. N.I.B. [Black Sabbath]
6. War Pigs [Black Sabbath]

Last night we played our first real show. We opened for a local band named Resonant Soul. They've opened for bands like Whitesnake in the past. There were three bands last night, and we were in the middle. The setup was pretty decent. This was our first gig on a stage and with a light show. It was also our first, more or less, "official" show, as we now have a solid line-up, as we invited our original drummer to return about a week ago.

What's crazy is yesterday is the first we played together, we had only been able to practice in small groups throughout the week. Nonetheless, the gig went off without a hitch.

We setup at 8:30, checked levels at 9, and then the first act was up. We went on at 9:30. The place was actually at capacity and they were turning people away at the doors by the end of our set.

The singer of Resonant Soul was a bit worried when he found out we were a "metal" band, and actually complained to his guitarist that had invited us. The singer said we would make people leave

That didn't happen though...

We played a great set of metal though. The first two songs are C# Sabbathy sounding original ones, and then "New Dawn" is a lighter acoustic one to break it up. Originally we were going to play "Simple Man", but we dropped it last minute and went right into the Sabbath covers. The Sabbath covers were most people's favorites.

It was a real blast
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