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Here is my review..


Well, last night was the A.C. show in Philadelphia. It was unforgetable to say the least. When I got there, I saw an old, crippled, Seth Putnam over by the merch table, so I went over to meet him. He signed my CD and ticket stub. Then I waited, for what seemed like forever for the first band to play. They were ok, nothing special though. Then A.C. came on! Seth said to the crowed, "We're Anal Cunt from fucking Boston." He also said that this would be the first show since his coma that he would try to stand up while performing (which he was able to do for the entire set). The first song they played was "Anyone Who Likes the Dillinger Escape Plan is a Faggot". During the begining of the set someone screamed out "Play Unbelevable!!". Seth replied with "That's from when we were on that Jewish label Relapse". They then played it anyways. Then Seth says "Before my coma I was 250 pounds, when I woke up I was 180...I looked like a BODY BY AUSCHVITZ!" as he gave the hail hitler salute.

Half way through the set a buddy of mine waved a rebel flag. Seth asked him where he was from. He replied "Right here in Philly". Seth then called him a pussy and told him to come close to the stage so he could kick him in the face. He then said "Im crippled and I could still kick your ass you fucking pussy!" Near the end of the set there was this black guy in front of the stage all punked out and Seth was like "Do you hate when white people act black? I mean, you're acting white, being all punked and shit. Do you hate when they act black?" And the guy goes "Yeah it sucks" and then Seth goes "Do you follow your black heritage?"

It was such an unbelieveable show. I give Seth Putnam 100% credit for performing crippled and only months after coming out of a coma. I give the show 5 fucking stars!!! I can't wait to see A.C. again in May!!!
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