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Necromance -- Phillipsburg, NJ -- March 13th, 2005

Hey, well this week marks one year since my band's first two shows ever, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to provide a long overdue review of both gigs.

March 13th, 2005
Kate's Kafe - Phillipsburg, NJ
Our first show ever. We had been waiting to get a gig for almost 6 months since we formed in late September 2004. We did our best to get the word out and tell all our friends about it. At the time we really didn't have many "fans" being that we had never played live, had no real recordings, and like I said, had only been together for like 6 months at the time. Doors opened at 6:30 PM, and we were the first band on at 7:00.
Set List:
1.Losing Faith
2.Wicker Man (Iron Maiden cover)
3.The One
5.The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover)
6.We Will Rise
7.Comin Atcha Live (Tesla cover)
Overall, looking back, it was a nice first show. We got a great response from the somewhat impressive number of people we managed to drag to the show... especially since it was the farthest we've played from home yet in a year since then. I can't really remember any major mishaps in the show, though I know that back at that time we had a lot of room for improvement as a band.
Then there was a 5 day break, and then...

March 18th, 2005
Variety Night, Bethlehem Catholic High School

Yes, our second gig wasn't much in the way of a real gig, but we count it anyways. This was a Variety Night event at our other guitarist's former High School. We had only a 15 minute set, but the crowd was pretty decent in size, so we knew their was pressure involved, and we needed to make a strong impression.
Set List:
1.Losing Faith
2.We Will Rise
3.The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover)
As I remember, we had all our gear on stage, and right before they opened the curtain on us, our other guitarist's amp started giving him all kinds of problems. For a second I started shitting myself... I saw the whole element of suprise go down the drain... but luckily right as they opened the curtain's, he fixed the problem and we fired into our short set. Ah yes, I could tell we had really made our mark. We managed to get an incredible response from the folk in the audience. After we got off-stage we were flooded with positive feedback from various people. All in all, a good night... we celebrated with dinner afterwards.

So yeah, I figured since I wasn't even a member of this board at the time, and I've reviewed several of my band's past shows that I'd come on here and post reviews of our first 2 gigs... I can't believe that a year has gone by that fast. We've managed to play like almost a dozen shows (including opening for George Lynch and Overkill) and record a pretty decent demo CD since then... So yeah, enjoy.
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