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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
Out of order is out of order. Order matters, as does the pace of the set list. We talked a little around this in Dream Set Lists.

If you are verifying a set list that never changes, your approach is fine and dandy. If you are pioneering information , your approach can be unreliable and borders on lazy.

Yeah, there are concerts you want to get totally into and are going to avoid the notebook. However, when you attend 30-50 concerts a year, you're not going to be going apeshit all the time. Personally, I need notes for that volume of information.

Yeah, unless it's like the first couple shows of the tour, there's gotta be info already out there, so you'd just be like verifying if anything. If something seems brand new you'll note it.

Right, except I wouldn't know what that's like, so yeah
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