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Overkill -- Sayreville, NJ -- March 4th, 2006



WOW. What a great night. Overkill fucking tore it up on their home turf in NJ. First I'll talk a little bit about the opening bands--all four of them, haha.

The first act, Neuria, was pathetic. Awful awful hardcore bullshit with some retard dressed like a rapper on vocals. They were absolutely horrible.

Second band was a slight improvement--Dirt Church still sucked, but they were more tolerable. I don't know what to call their sound, they had a lot of complex ideas going on--but nothing really seemed worth remembering. Not really recommended. They finished with a great cover of Raining Blood which got everybody going, but it was kinda sad that that was the only thing they had going for them. Oh and their drummer was a fucking beast--he was wearing dog tags, I'm assuming he was in the service, but he was fucking ripped as a tank! Like, Arnold ripped!

Third up was Magus Beast, and they really got things started. They could be called some form of power or speed metal; they definitely had some Painkiller moments. They were definitely enjoyable, but they totally blew me away by covering Manowar's Kill with Power!!! I went ape shit. The crowd loved this band, they were throwing all sorts of shit to us and everybody was scrambling for it--my buddy caught a drumstick, and another buddy and I both caught demo CDs.

Next was the main opener, Prong. My comment about them remains the same as its been, it being that their music is pretty shitty but they're awesome live performers. I had a lot of fun just grooving to their style of metal while moderating the edge of the pit.

And finally, after a long night and a lot of waiting, came the mighty OVERKILL! The crowd flew into absolute chaos and mayhem--it was probably the most violent show I've ever been to. You had to maintain constant vigilance so as not to get crushed between people or smashed by a flying crowd surfer. As for the band, they completely wrecked everything--might have been the best Overkill show I've seen thus far. They played the regular set for this tour, but since (I'm assuming) Starland has no curfew to worry about and they could play later, they threw in Wrecking Crew. Fucking awesome. Right before Hello From the Gutter my friend and I had to pussy out and leave the pit to get water. Between standing for almost 6 hours, getting relentlessly beaten in the pit, and the lack of pure air in the pit, we had to step out, haha. Watched the rest from one of the bar areas. What a great show.

Oh, and I guess it's worth mentioning that I didn't go backstage this time. Well before the first band started, Dave Linsk (the Overkill member I know) crossed the floor and I stopped him to say Hi, but I (foolishly) didn't ask him to take us backstage. I figured we'd get back later, but it was different than at BB's--there were just security guards in front of the backstage areas, and not any roadies or anybody I knew from last time. After the show we were too fucking beat and just left. Oh well, I met them all once before, except for Blitz, who we ran into and shook hands with this time.
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