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Originally Posted by IronFist
Taken from here:

1. Intro: Beautiful Day Mix
2. Reachin Out
3. Tie Your Mother Down
4. Dragon Attack
5. Fat Bottom Girls
6. Money Don't Come Easy
7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
8. Say It's Not True
9. 39
10. Love Of My Life
11. Hammer To Fall
12. Feel Like Making Love
13. Drum Solo
14. I'm in Love With My Car
15. Guitar Solo
16. Last Horizon
17. Bad Company
18. Another One Bites the Dust
19. These Are the Days
20. Radio Ga Ga
21. Can't Get Enough of Your Love
22. Show Must Go On
23. Bohemian Rhapsody
24. We Will Rock You
25. All Right Now
26. We Are the Champions
27. God Save the Queen

Fuck yeah! Great information! Proper format! Rock ON!
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