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Trivium -- Orlando, FL -- February 26th, 2006

Okay so it was In Flames headlining but I really went for Trivium. In Flames is alright but it really isn't my style of music. I bought myself an Ascendancy t-shirt and the Ascendancy cd to meet Trivium. It was packed out. Good to see a sold out metal show which was supposed to be at the Hard Rock Live but unforttunatly WASP was playing their . I was right near the front and Zao came out. The singer never looked at the crowd once and just continued screaming. I started yelling out some jokes to get some laughs and even made the Zao singer chuckle. By now my legs were tired from working all day and standing in line for 2 hours. God how i HATE Devildriver. Such a God awful band. Their fans are so stupid as well. "Let's do whatever the singer says!" Fortunatly they finished but then I remembered they are opening for Opeth later this month Finally the moment I had been waiting for all night. Memories pilled up from first hearing Gunshot on cd and falling in love with Trivium and then being in their music video. The anticipation was building and finally they were back home The End of Everything started on the PA and the crowd and myself went nuts. Out them came. They blasted right into Like Light To The Flies. The solo at the end is so Maiden-esque. Hearing it live just reminds me of Number of the Beast solo. Rain was extremly good. They then talked about "Dimebag". I'm sorry. i love Dime but can we please move on. It's bad enough we get ever BLS interview with Dimebag being mentioned but this is the 4th show where they have had a Dimebag tribute, all playing Walk. Cool thing was, Trivium's version was the best and the intro to Domination sounded alright. They actually played something of Ember to Inferno Requiem sounds so good live. Better then the cd which has low audio. Finally everyone in the crowd was jumping up and down for Gunshot. They really nailed that solo and it was just plain amazing to me. They ended the night with Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr and needless to say I love that intro. The whole set was.

Like Light To The Flies
Drowned & Torn Asunder
Domination/Walk (guest vocals on Walk by Jason Suecof, producer of Ascendancy and other cds.)
Pull Harder

When trivium finished is was time to go and meet them. They were all extremly nice and signed my cd and my ticket. In Flames came on and the sound was incredibly soft. It just seemed quiet. The only song I knew was Leeches and after the 4th song, I was tired and I had to get up at 6 tommorow so I went home, happy.
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