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Kreator -- Toronto, Canada -- February 24th, 2006

Awesome show last night! I suck at writing reviews but, oh well.

Undying: One of the worst support acts I've ever seen. Enough said.

A Perfect Murder: More interesting than the first band, and they sounded quite good live. I might pick up an album.

Napalm Death: The whole crowd was a moshpit during this band. I was never too big on these guys but they get the award of most violent moshpit I've ever seen.

Kreator: FUCK YEAH! This is where it's at! I thrashed 'till no end during Kreator's set. What an awesome performance! Here's the setlist to anyone that's interested:

Enemy Of God
Impossible Brutality
Extreme Agression
People Of The Lie
Voices Of The Dead
Awakening Of The Gods
Coma Of Souls
The Patriarch/Violent Revolution
Suicide Terrorist
Pleasure To Kill
Terrible Certainty
Servant In Heaven/King in Hell
Love Us Or Hate Us
Flag Of Hate

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