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Queensrÿche -- Cleveland, OH -- January 30th, 2005

TOUR: Queensryche / An Evening With Queensryche
VENUE: House of Blues -- Cleveland, OH
DATE: January 30, 2005
REVIEWED: January 31, 2005

(Audio at bottom.)

My friend and I arrived in Cleveland around 4:15, even though the show didn't start until 9. We had dinner reservations at the House of Blues Restaraunt for 5:30, that way we could do the "Pass The Line" thing. This was my first time driving in Cleveland, and I was confused out of my mind. Once we finally (finally!) got a parking spot ($10...) we headed towards the restaurant.

Our evening started on a bit of a sour note when we were accosted by some bums. Now, I have nothing against 'em, but these ones were big and angry. And then blocked us from continuing on. I gave them a dollar, because I just didn't want to be part of any violence (like I said, they were angry.) Either way, what a way to start our evening...

We were in the restaurant a little before 5, and well before our reservation time, but they were able to seat us. I had the Blues Burger, and I think I can honestly say it was one of the worst burgers I've ever had. And I'm guessing they call it the "Blues" burger, because it will give your stomach the blues (it sure did to mine.) Oh well, at least we got the Pass the Line thing.

After dinner, we went to the Pass the Line... line, where there was only two other people waiting. We waited for about 1 hour, and by then there was a few other people, so security started wanding us. I was able to get my PocketPC in, which I was planning to use for recording purposes. After being wanded, we got to stand around for another hour, before finally going in. By the time we went in the staff there was saying the Pass the Line... line, was one of the biggest they've ever seen so far.

Since we were at the front of the line, we were able to get right down front and center. They were still getting a few things setup at the time. From our vantage point, we could read the set lists, so we had a good idea what to expect. One of the roadies laid some tape down on one set list that said, "I Wanna Sandwich". My friend shouted that later to the roadie who replied, "You don't know what a sandwich is." When the roadies came back after the show, the same guy who put the setlists down, took them back, and my friend said, "I still wanna sandwich!" and the road replied, "You can get one on the west side!"

Queensryche came on roughly twenty minutes late, so, around 9:20. They opened with "The Whisper" which was pretty cool live. Unfortunately the mix where we were standing (front/center) was horrible. It was mostly just drums, and bass, very little guitar, very little Geoff. They went right into "Empire" after "The Whisper". The whole place (this show was sold out) was rocking along. Geoff seemed genuinely impressed and asked, "Is this really a Sunday night? It can't be."

The set was pretty much the same thing everyone else has gotten. We did not get "Take Hold the Flame".

Going into this show Queensryche had played 5 straight nights before it, and with people saying Geoff wasn't going for the high notes, I wasn't expecting a whole lot. Not only did Geoff try for the notes though, he reached them. He was easily sounding much better then on Live Evolution, or The Art of Live. He was not struggling at all.

After the first set, we had a roughly 20-25 minute intermission before Mindcrime. We spent that time just standing around in awe at how amazing Queensryche was sounding.

"I Remember Now" came on and the place went nuts. Ten times as loud as when the show first started. They obviously played the same Mindcrime set list for us, as for everywhere else, so I don't really need to get into that. What I do have to say, is that the show was very, very impressive. Geoff reached for all the high notes, the stage production, while not that great, was pretty cool, and finally learning about what happened to Mary was also very cool indeed.

The band just tore through Mindcrime, to great response from the whole crowd, and even by the end they were still going strong. Geoff went for all the high notes in "Eyes of a Stranger". By that point he was just dripping sweat all over the place. You could tell he was putting every bit of energy he had into the show.

It was a great show, and of course, ended with, "The Hostage" being played over the PA.

This was definitely one of the best concerts I've ever been to, even despite the poor mix. I'm not sure exactly when the show got over, sometime around midnight, I think.

We made our way back to the car a little bit faster this time, and thankfully we got to the car just fine. A new problem arose about 20 miles outside of Cleveland though... incredibly thick fog... we ended up going about 80 miles at the speed of roughly 35/40MPH. And by the time I was in the country toward my house... 15/20MPH. I didn't get home until 3 AM, but of course, it was worth it.

As far as recordings that I got, I did not get the full show. I got "The Whisper", "Empire", "I Remember Now", "Anarchy-X", "Revolution Calling", "Operation: Mindcrime", and "Suite Sister Mary". Part of Suite Sister came out wrong (skippy) - and same for most of "Silent Lucidity". Due to the poor mix of the show you can hardly hear Jeff, but later tonight I will share some of this audio (not at home right now).

Here's the setlist:

1. The Whisper
2. Empire
3. Another Rainy Night
4. Open
5. When the Rain Comes
6. Jet City Woman
7. Last Time In Paris
8. Silent Lucidity

9. I Remember Now
10. Anarchy X
11. Revolution Calling
12. Operation Mindcrime
13. Speak
14. Spreading the Disease
15. The Mission
16. Suite Sister Mary
17. The Needle Lies
18. Electric Requiem
19. Breaking the Silence
20. I Don't Believe in Love
21. Waiting for 22
22. My Empty Room
23. Eyes of a Stranger

Again, I'm not thrilled with how this came out, but here's a few of the songs I got:

I Remember Now/Anarchy-X/Revolution Calling
Operation: Mindcrime

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