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Bleeding Through -- Chicago, IL -- July 15th, 2005

Source: A Yahoo Search Cache Of Some Guy's Blog

I don't know if any of these lists are in order or complete. Information is REALLY sparse. Somebody, please get me something recent!

Live Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire
Sweet Vampirous
Number Seven With A Bullet
Revenge I Seek
(3 New Songs)
On Wings Of Lead

Other bands on the bill, in order of direct support to opener:

DARKEST HOUR: With A Thousand Words To Say But One, An Epitaph, Sound The Surrender, Convalesence, The Sadist Nation plus one unknown track

MISERY SIGNALS: A Victim A Target, In Response To Stars, Stinging Rain, Murder, Worlds And Dreams, Five Years, The Year Summer Ended In June

ZAO: The Rising End, The Last Revelation, Praise The War Machine, Five Year Winter, plus more that were unknown to the author

FIGHT PARIS: No information


A kind note from Hot Turkey Ed: I understand every single one of you hate this band. You really don't need to post a reply to this thread expressing it... I got you already.
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