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Queensrÿche -- Chicago, IL -- January 25th, 2005

House of Blues, Chicago, IL, 1/27/05

1. The Whisper
2. Empire
3. Another Rainy Night
4. Open
5. When the Rain Comes
6. Jet City Woman
7. Last Time In Paris
8. Silent Lucidity
(About 40 Minutes)

9. I Remember Now
10. Anarchy X
11. Revolution Calling
12. Operation Mindcrime
13. Speak
14. Spreading the Disease
15. The Mission
16. Suite Sister Mary
17. The Needle Lies
18. Electric Requiem
19. Breaking the Silence
20. I Don't Believe in Love
21. Waiting for 22
22. My Empty Room
23. Eyes of a Stranger
(About 1 Hour and 15 Minutes)

Vocals: Geoff Tate
Guitar: Michael Wilton
Guitar: Mike Stone
Bass: Ed Jackson
Drums: Scott Rockenfield

No Opening Act

Another excellent show from Queensryche. Getting to hear "The Whisper" live is definitely a highlight for me. The sound was much better at the House of Blues than it was a week ago at Pop's in St. Louis. The mix was very good. They were even later hitting the stage than in St. Louis so I am guessing that is why "Take Hold of the Flame" was dropped. (Standing around in front of the stage for 2 hours just sucks. And then getting one less song to boot!) I read that it was added back in Friday night. The rest of the set was the same except for a small change in the order. Scott had 2 drum sets this time. He played a smaller kit located center stage during the first set. That kit was removed during the intermission and he played a larger kit during the Mindcrime set. The smaller stage at Pop's probably did not allow for this setup. By staying at the HOB Hotel we were able to bypass the line, which is pretty cool. So we were front and center this time. The proximity to the stage and the better sound made for a much better overall concert experience than at Pop's. It was an outstanding show and I would see it again if I could.

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