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Edguy -- Porto, Portugal -- February 10th, 2006

Edguy (I have the official setlist in my hands ):

Catch Of The Century
The Trooper (this doesn't appear in the official setlist, but they played it)
Lavatory Love Machine
Tears Of A Mandrake
How Many Miles
Drum Solo
Save Me
Vain Glory Opera
Sign Of The Cross
King Of Fools

No Asylum and no Fuckin With Fire
Around 95 minutes.
Amazing show.

Dragonforce (I have a photo of the official setlist)

My Spirit Will Go On
Fury Of The Storm
Operation Ground And Pound
Trough The Fire And Flames
Valley Of The Damned

Yes, only 5 songs but nearly 50 minutes.
Dissapointing show.


Don't know all the songs they played but they played these:

Primo Victoria
Panzer Battalion
Into The Fire
Metal Machine
And two more songs (i think that one was Stalingrad).

Good show, they surprised me!

Through the gates of hell
As we make our way to heaven
Through the nazi lines
Primo victoria!!!


When I wake up (it's 6:10 on the morning here and I haven't sleep) I'll upload the photos of the setlists and of the show if you want.
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