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I love this setlist. My favourite Edguy albums are Hellfire Club and Rocket Ride (yes, I'm a very strange fan haha). I hope they'll play Fucking With Fire and Trinidad on friday!

My world of sunshine in Trinidaaaad!

Thank you very much for your hard work!


Hey man, have you made a little mistake? It's only 15 songs + intro + Maiden cover + drum solo. From the album Mandrake only one song:

Catch of the century-rr
The Trooper (Iron Maiden / Parital Cover)-none
Lavatory Love Machine-hc
Tears of A Mandrake-man
The Asylum-rr
Save Me-rr
Drum Solo-none
Vain glory Opera-vgo
King Of Fools-hc
Fucking With Fire-rr
How Many Miles-vgo
Sign Of The Cross (Avantasia)

I was burning a CD with the setlist and I couldn't find the other song from Mandrake so I was so confused!

P.D.: sorry for my very very bad english.

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