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Overall, a disapointing set. I am a HUGE Edguy fan, and I think there's A LOT that could be done to make this set list better.
First off, it needs to be longer.
Secondly, they need to add in more Hellfire Club songs but remove Lavatory Love Machine.
Third, the removal of Out of Control from the set is more or less a crime in my eyes being such a traditional live song, and How Many Miles is one of the weakest songs off Vain Glory Opera
Fourth, Fucking with Fire should be subbed by Wasted Time as far as Rocket Ride songs go
Fifth, I think they really should add another Mandrake song. It's a great album, and one isn't enough.
Sixth, where did Land of the Miracle go? Another traditional live song gone out the window. They need more Theater of Salvation tracks as well.

All in all, the set should just be longer and song choice should be more well-thought out.
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