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Originally Posted by ADD
Harris solo.....aren't almost all of Maiden's songs written by him alone?

I'd like it if Avantasia were any good
Avantasia is outstanding!

Ok, the set list breaks out like this:

Rocket Ride: 6 songs
Hellfire Club: 3 songs
Vain Glory Opera : 2
Mandrake: 1 song
Theater Of Salvation: 1 song
Avantasia: 1 song
**** Plus a partial Maiden cover of the trooper.

That's like half the new album. Outstanding in my view, assuming the music is good (which I haven't heard but it will rule because it is Edguy). The boys must really believe in their new music... how often do we only hear about a band playing 2-3 songs on a track?

Lengthwise, it is typically for an Edguy headlining set. 15 songs or so.

The Maiden cover is a partial and I would argue not a full song in their set. But hey, EDGUY IS COVERING IRON MAIDEN. MY #2 HONORS MY #1. THIS IS VERY KOSHER! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

The non-RR songs are mostly their hits: King Of Fools, Lavatory Love Machine, Tears Of A Mandrake, Vain Glory Opera, Babylon.... I want to hear these songs.

An Avantasia cover is candy for the Edguy faithful. They've done Avantasia (the song) on past tours, so I'm happy they are doing something Tobi's epic side projects.

Anyway, that leaves How Many Miles & Mysteria... Yeah, I would choose other songs... like Golden Dawn, Fairytales, New Age Messiah, Judas At The Opera House...maybe toss in a Kingdom Of Madness track for shits & giggles.

If we got a set list like this in America (subject to a listening of Rocket Ride), I'd be fucking thrilled over all.

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