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Iron Maiden -- Reading, England -- August 28th, 2005

One Of The Best Gigs ive been to, iron maiden headlining reading festival 2005, supporting the release of there "Early Days" DVD, therefors only playing material off of the first four albums!!!


-The Ides Of March
-Murders In The Rue Morgue
-Another Life
-The Trooper
-Remember Tomorrow
-Where Eagles Dare
-Run To The Hills
-Die With Your Boots On
-Phantom Of The Opera
-The Number Of The Beast
-Hallowed Be Thy Name
-Iron Maiden
-Running Free

What a set man!! I know they didnt play classic like fear of the dark, Wicker MAn and 2 minutes.... but come on, the old songs totally kick ass, how many times are they gonna do a set like that again? Rememeber tomorrow, Phantom Of The Opera, Die With Your Boots On, i wanna re-live it again!!!
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