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Metallica -- London, UK -- December 19th, 2005

Hey, im new here, thought id upload some of my set lists/reviews of some the concerts i have been to.

Thought i'd start with Metallica, im a big fan, and they helped me to pick up a guitar blah....blah...blah...

anyway, setlist:

-Creeping Death
-Seek and Destroy
-Fade To Black
-The Thing That Should Not Be
-For Whom The Bell Tolls
-Dirty Window
-Sad But True
-Damage Inc.
-Harvestor Of Sorrow
-Nothing Else Matters
-Master Of Puppets
-St. Anger
-Enter Sandman
-Am I Evil
-Hit The Lights

Pretty good set, only played a few songs from St. Anger which helped, and the played vintage classics such Hit The Lights and Damage inc. What would've made my night though wouldve been hearing the four horseman and ride the lightning which are my favourite songs but nevermind.
The venue for this gig was ok, was huge and loads of atmosphere but i prefer smaller/intimate venues, but metallica being such a big band, i doubt thats ever gonna happen.

support- Gadsmack (Shit)
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