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Arrow Interseed -- Burlingame, CA -- January 27th, 2006

Just got home from local show tonight at the Lions Club in Burlingame. I only went really because my friend (Fallen Shadow here) wanted me too and because, well, I frankly had nothing better to do So, I headed over to my other friend's house (thebeastnextdoor as he is known here) at 6 PM and played guitar for a little while before departing to the show at 7, doning for the first time my denim jacket with patches sewn on

We got there before the first band NOT YET DEAD had started, so we just hung around and scoped the scene. At a predominately metalcore-oriented show, the crowd was in general comprised of either a) skater punks, b) kiddies in ripped jeans and *insert name of favorite cookie-cutter metalcore/hardcore/screamo band here* shirts, or c) preppy fags who didn't know what the hell they were doing but moshed anyways I saw one guy in an Exodus "Bonded By Blood" shirt worn underneath a jacket adorned heavily with Maiden patches, which was cool, and also a guy in a Follow The Reaper shirt and one kid with an Angel Of Retriubtion tour shirt. Other than that, not much. Oh yeah, except for my encounter with this girl in a Hypocrisy shirt and her friend in a Nile girlie-tee. Here's the story: on the back of my jacket I have a big Anthrax back-patch, and so I'm standing there watching EDERUS play and I feel this poke on my back, like 3 or 4 times, then I turn around and see this pretty hot blonde chick in a Hypocrisy shirt. She asked me if I went to the show last Friday and I explained to her that I couldn't get a ride, so I just asked her how it was an stuff and her friend with the Nile shirt was cool too. Then she just keeps talking to me and smiling at me when I'm not even talking to her, then she decides to make a move and slide over over next to me She was pretty, but it was a damn awkward moment. Well anyhow, there's my story of being hit on at a concert. Whoop-di-doo.

The first band up was a band called NOT YET DEAD, and they featured a couple of Fallen Shadow's friends and a guy who was originally gonna be our band's second guitarist. Basically, they are your average, run-of-the-mall, erm, I mean mill, metalcore band. I still have trouble fathoming how band's like this get signed and go on to play major festivals and such. These guys are no different than bands like Bleeding Through, Unearth, Manntis, God Forbid, etc. that sound EXACTLY alike.In fact, they even covered an A Dozen Furies song, and I swear I couldn't tell the difference between their originals and the cover I still rue the day that At The Gates and In Flames became popular, look at what they have spawned

The next band up was AUTMNIZE. I was expecting the usual crap, but what I found was a pleasant surprise. They started their set unceremoniously after taking at least 20 mins just to tune their instruments (although busting out the opening riff to Seek & Destory in the midst of it all was a nice treat), then about 2 mins into their first song they stop to re-tune. Ouch. However, once they finally got their shit together I was surprised to find out that they actually had talent and a knack for good melody. Their drummer was sharp and right on all night, playing single pedal unlike the other bands and really showed a high level of skill. I think having on 1 guitarist helped a lot too, as it allowed the phenomenal bassist to shine. The dude was just outstanding, playing a slick jazz-inspired bass with some intricate little licks and even a solo in one of the songs. The guitarist was good as well, highly talented. Even if the band themselves didn't look the part, they sure played their hearts out. The singer was quite a charchter as well, performing with his back to the crowd the first half of their set. I was thrilled to find that this guy could actually sing however, and he really let out some great screams/growls when he needed to as well. I'd characterize their music as something like alternative mixed with experimental stuff like Isis or Pelican mixed with some heavier stuff, easily the most diverse act I've heard in our local scene. I need to listen to their stuff online for a fair judgment, but at the show, in that time and place, in the middle of a sea of frusturated hardcore morons, it was an enjoyable experience.

After them some fucking BLINK 182, GOOD CHARLOTTE idiots came on stage to do a song and it made me want to puke After their small shitstorm came EDERUS, the local fave's. I watched them before at another local gig and didn't impress me at all. Their drummer has skills for sure, but otherwise it's the same "Suckenburg" (kudos to overkiller for that one ) crap mixed with horrendous hardcore vox. The funny part actually came when the drummers little brother came out to do some growls, and I mean this kid must have been at the most 10 years old and he growled deeper than their actual singer He was running around and going apeshit all night, and that was fun to see. Some parents/adults were getting into the music all night too, so it was actually a more mixed crowd than expected in some ways. During their set I met the Hypocrisy chick, and actually it was funny cuz I was like "I don't wanna be here really I'm only here cuz of my friends" and she said the same thing At least my buddies enjoyed EDERUS' set, but the same can't be said for me.

Fallen Shadow ditched us a little early to go home since he has a swim meet early tomorrow morning, so me and thebeastnextdoor left between set changes and walked to a Starbucks a few blocks away, grabbed a nice "pick-me-up" snack and came back to watch the final act, INTERSEED. These guys were much older, probably in their early to mid-20s, and they had the equiptment and crowd support to prove it. On their website it shows them playing shows in places outside of California as well, so obviously they've made a little name for themselves. Busting out with some high-quality stacks and their whole entourage of fans (most of the people there before left after EDERUS), they proceeded to pay tribute to LAMB OF GOD and the like in their own little way. It was mildly entertaing actually, watching the pit go fucking insane for them, lead by a pack of jocks in polo shirts no less Anyways, after they finished bastardizing what IN FLAMES did 10 years ago, only adding a touch of GOD DETHRONED-inspired breakdowns me and thebeastnextdoor departed. I was happy that he had a good time, which I didn't expect he would since he doesn't like death/black/metalcore/any form of "extreme" music you can name. I was happy just to get back out there after not having attended a gig since July, and I got my $5 worth in AUTUMNIZE's set and getting hit on by some hot metalhead blonde chick

As a side note, I am sure that there will be some people here (Pavo, Nick, Dead_Skin_Mask) that might enjoy some of these bands because you guys like some of this kind of stuff, so for your sake I'll post where you can listen to these bands:
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