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Originally Posted by Voodoomaster
As a sidenote, Henjo Richter wasn't playing in Helsinki, because he fell down the stairs on a ferry. He was replaced by a cover band guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen and people have said he did a great job with a little time to prepare and practise. I wasn't able to see this show cause I'm not old enough to get in that club called Tavastia and the show was on Monday, which is about the suckiest day for a gig.
Aye, the place wasn't even sould out because of that.

Which reminds me, Kai's speeches were absolutely killer too. I think it was in the sing-along part of Heavy Metal Universe when Kai said that "I know it's Monday and everybody has to go to work tomorrow morning and blaa blaa blaa but hey, we can still throw a party!! So give me another heavy metal universe!!"

And even though the place wasn't really packed, I think Kai was still happy with the audience.

(I added a brief review to the first post and changed the set list a bit, Valley Of The Kings was in the first encore before Somewhere Out In Space, instead of being before Rebellion In Dreamland.)

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