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Anthrax -- Hollywood, CA -- January 21st, 2006

Tremendous show!


Among the Living
Metal Thrashing Mad
Got the Time
Caught in a Mosh
Keep it in the Family
A Skeleton in the Closet
Be All End All
I Am the Law

Notes -

1. Charlie was replaced for the gig by some dude from Shadow's Fall due to childbirth. He filled in quite well.
2. The music was perfect.
3. Joey sang and performed like one of the best ever.
4. The sound in the venue was perhaps the best I can ever remember.
5. The crowd was wild and highly into the gig. The venue was fairly big and packed even in the balcony. Probably over 1,000 in attendance. Best mosh pit I've seen in 15 years. Joey could have let the audience sing the whole night.
6. No rapping!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Overall a 10/10. Had I been drunk as hell, it might have been the best gig of the past year for me. Regardless, it was in the top three of the past 12 months.

Thanks from me and Kevin to a certain nameless someone for making it happen. You kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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