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Black Dog -- New York City, New York -- January 21st, 2006

(This is mostly for Hecho )

So last night I saw Black Dog, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, at BB King Blues Club in New York. Mostly went because the girlfriend is a huge Zep fan, but I ended up getting excited for it anyway. The band was great, they sounded spookily like Zeppelin themselves, and they more or less looked the part as well. The singer was absolutely amazing, he emulated Robert Plant's voice PERFECTLY. The guitarist was extremely impressive as well, busting out the violin bow on "Dazed and Confused" and the Theramin solo on "Whole Lotta Love". Only negative thing was that I get tired of the Zeppelin radio anthems really easily, and their setlist obviously had a lot of those. I got bored during Stairway, heh. But overall it was just a fun experience. If you consider yourself to be a Led Zeppelin fan of any degree, and you've ever wished you could have seen them live, Black Dog is a great show for you to see.
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