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Necromance -- Bethlehem, PA -- January 20th, 2006

Well, last night was my band's most recent show, this time our 2nd time playing a local venue in Bethlehem, PA called The Globe. It's basically a hole-in-the-wall youth-club type place... Actually the worst venue we've ever played and we only played it again cause another band asked us to close the show they booked there. The problem was that because of some problems, the band wound up without a drummer within 10 days of the show... We refused to cancel the show, so we thought of alternatives. We eventually decided that myself, our singer, and our other guitarist would do a rare acoustic performance.

Set List:
1.Losing Faith
2.Wasting Love (Iron Maiden cover)
3.Bring Me Down
4.Watching Over Me (Iced Earth cover)
6.Sleep (Savatage cover)
7.Breaking the Chains
8.Superheroes (Edguy cover)

It wound up being a really cool experience. We got all the people to come in real close (the place doesn't have a real stage, it's all even-level) and sit down or stand in somewhat of a semi-circle. It gave it a really personal and intimate feel to it. We even had some of the people singng along to the songs, which in this setting was really cool. Turned out being a really great situation made out of a potentially horrible one.
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