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Gamma Ray -- Helsinki, Finland -- January 16th 2005

Gardens Of The Sinner
Heaven Can Wait
My Temple
Blood Religion
One With The World
Heavy Metal Universe
Drum Solo
Beyond The Black Hole(!!!!!)
New World Order
The Silence
Rebellion In Dreamland / Land Of The Free
Valley Of The Kings
Somewhere Out In Space / Rebellion In Dreamland (the ending part)
I Want Out

Fuckin' fantastic!
And I got Dirk's pick too!

As Voodomaster mentioned, Henjo got injured and they found a replaicement from the Finnish tribute band. Kai explained the situation right after the first song and hoped they could still deliver a good show. And they did. The setlist kicked ass, the band was on fire and they had great fun on stage, especially Kai and Kasperi who really enjoyed playing and performing infront the Finnish audience. Hell, as I was in front row I managed to reach out and touch Kai's hand just for a sec.

Absolutely amazing, even though I was slightly dissapointet that Henjo couldn't make it, so it kinda took a minor part of the feeling away as the wibe in the show would have meen more complete with Henjo. But still, I think Kasperi gave an extra spark to the band's performance, so why am I even complaining about it. Dirk and especially Dan did their job well too, you could see sweat flying all around when Dan was hitting his cymbals.

I still can't express how much I enjoyed it.

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