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Originally Posted by IronFist
Might I ask, what kind of merch did they have, and was there a most too?

Anyway, merch, there were CDs for sale I believe, but as for shirts, there were 3 Sodom T's, one was the tour shirt with some kind of crosshairs image on it, one was a totally badass black-and-white old school "Witching Metal" shirt, and the one I bought has the logo and the "In the Sign of Evil" executioner dude on it, and the back has the years and titles of all their albums/EPs/videos, 1984-2005. The Finntroll merch... there was a shirt with some kind of design/logo on the front and the tour dates on the back, and then the one I bought has their logo and this crazy medallion-design-thing with a trollish face on it, and the back just has some kind of bony tree thing, almost looks like a spine--or the World Tree . Each of these T's was $30 (ack, my wallet is hurting), and there was a black Finntroll hoodie for $60.
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