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Originally Posted by Maiden33
Well, last night was my band's long awaited show at the Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA. We recieved a headliner-esque billing since this was a special extended set and show to mark the release of our long-awaited demo CD.

Set List:

Intro : Symphony X : The Odyssey Pt. VII (segment)
Losing Faith
Bring Me Down
Blood and Tears
Flight of Icarus (Iron Maiden cover)
Breaking the Chains
We Will Rise (extended)

I must say, by far our best crowd yet. A real good number of people showed up, and they were loud as hell. The audience participation went extremely well. For once there were practically no signifigant fuck-ups in our entire show... which is rare for us. Definately a monumental night for us, and we sold 22 copies of our demo up front, which was pretty cool.
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